What Companies Does Amazon Use for Shipping?

If you order from Amazon a lot, you might often wonder who Amazon uses for shipping. After all, it seems like you can get an Amazon package from just about any mail carrier! For the ultimate guide to all the carriers Amazon uses for shipping, read on below.

What Companies Does Amazon Use for Shipping?

Amazon uses many different companies for shipping around the United States, as well as the world. They mainly rely on Amazon Logistics (their own delivery team), USPS, UPS, and FedEx. However, they can also use other carriers for special shipping, or shipping in certain areas.

Want to learn more about all the different mail carriers Amazon works with? Keep reading!

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is the in-house delivery team at Amazon. These are delivery drivers who work directly with Amazon rather than any other mail carrier on this list.

Amazon has really grown its entire delivery team in the past few years — and likely will continue to. After all, the company continues to increase sales, so they’ll need to continue to rely on delivery drivers.

Amazon Logistics first launched in 2015. While Amazon is now known for being incredibly on time with packages — and even early in most cases — this wasn’t always the case. Not that long ago, Amazon really struggled with getting their packages to their customers on time.

This is for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest ones? The mail carriers they were working with were overwhelmed and couldn’t deliver the packages on time.

Thus, Amazon Logistics was born. Amazon wanted to ensure they could eliminate time spent during shipping — and they have! Since then, Prime deliveries have become common and so many people around the country can now get their packages two days after ordering!

Amazon Logistics will likely continue to grow. In fact, Amazon previously revealed that they were looking at decreasing shipping time even more for Prime members. They want to offer one-day shipping to Prime members, regardless of where they are located.

Now, this hasn’t happened yet, and it might take a while for this to happen. However, the company is moving in this direction!

Here’s a bit more information about Amazon Logistics:

  • Contact: Amazon Customer Service
  • Delivers about 67% of all Amazon orders
  • Launched in 2015
  • Often very fast when delivering


Now, let’s discuss USPS. The US Postal Service is also often used by Amazon to deliver their packages, especially to customers who don’t live in bigger cities.

Amazon has long relied on USPS to mail many of its orders. We’re talking from the very beginning. So, while some people have problems with USPS, Amazon has always worked with them.

As the USPS is the US Postal Service, they are the go-to option for Amazon in almost all cases, other than when Amazon uses its own Logistics team. Now, there are major issues with the USPS. We all know this. So, what does it mean for Amazon’s future partnership with them?

Thus far… we’re not sure. The USPS is so overwhelmed all the time, so packages and deliveries can sometimes be late. There are a lot of issues with the overall management of the postal service, and it doesn’t appear as if it’s getting any better anytime soon.

As Amazon begins to rely more on its Logistics team (which is evident), it may start to rely less on USPS. However, when compared to UPS or FedEx, it does appear that Amazon will choose USPS before the others!

Here’s some more necessary information about the USPS:

  • Contact: 1-800-222-1811
  • Delivers about 40% of all Amazon orders
  • Has worked with Amazon since the very beginning
  • Delivery times can vary depending on the location


It’s time to talk about UPS now! Amazon has also long relied on UPS to help deliver its packages to customers — and we also don’t see that changing any time soon.

While USPS is often a go-to for Amazon, UPS is still a vital part of Amazon’s deliveries, though it really does depend on where you live. Some people may never have their Amazon packages delivered by UPS, while others always will.

There isn’t much known about how much Amazon relies on UPS when it comes to the percentage of Amazon deliveries they do. We just know that Amazon does indeed rely on UPS.

However, it’s clear that Amazon is working to continue to build its own delivery team and service. So, in the near future, Amazon may start to rely on UPS less — if their delivery service works, that is.

Here’s some more information about UPS:

  • Contact: 1-800-742-5877
  • Has worked with Amazon since the beginning stages
  • Delivery times can vary


Finally, let’s talk about FedEx. While Amazon used to rely on FedEx quite a lot, this relationship has definitely faltered in the past few years. Now, FedEx is less likely to deliver Amazon packages when compared to the other options on this list.

This is likely for a variety of reasons. However, the biggest reason may have something to do with Amazon’s growing interest in creating its own delivery team and service. As a result, they haven’t felt the need to rely on FedEx as much.

Here’s a bit more about FedEx:

  • Contact: 1-800-463-3339
  • Doesn’t ship as many Amazon packages anymore
  • Doesn’t work with Amazon as exclusively as it previously did

Which Is Better – Amazon Logistics, USPS, UPS, or FedEx?

Is there any winner when it comes to the mail carriers that ship and deliver Amazon packages? Well, that tends to depend on your own opinion!

For example, some people do not like USPS. They’ve had bad experiences with the mail carrier before and will always try not to have their Amazon packages delivered by the postal service.

Meanwhile, others will be fine with USPS, as they’ve never had one issue with them. It appears that how people feel about these different mail carriers often depends on where they’re located. Some mail carriers in certain cities or states are just not as well organized as others.

The same goes for Amazon Logistics. While it does appear that Amazon Logistics will be a bit faster at delivering packages than some of the other carriers (again, this just depends on location), some people have also had bad experiences with them.

So, there really is no way to determine the best mail carrier when it comes to the delivery of Amazon packages. We all have our preferred carrier!

Will Amazon Use More Companies for Shipping in the Future?

This really just depends on how they manage to continue to grow their own delivery service. Amazon has put a lot of money into increasing its delivery options and growing its own service. So, this could signal that they will stop using other mail carriers in the future.

In fact, it appears that this may be the case. While they may always rely on the USPS, especially for more rural deliveries, Amazon Logistics has grown so much in the past few years.

Amazon wants to revolutionize how they deliver packages quickly to their customers — and only relying on their own delivery service is one way to do this! 

Does Amazon Ship for Other Companies?

Recently, Amazon has started to ship packages for other companies, even if they weren’t necessarily bought on Amazon! In 2021, Amazon started to ship cargo for other outside companies in an attempt to continue to grow Amazon Logistics.

And they’ve been incredibly successful thus far. In fact, according to the companies that work with them in this capacity, they are also much cheaper (and much more flexible) to work with than UPS or FedEx.

This goes hand in hand with Amazon’s desire to continue to change delivery services and how packages are quickly delivered to customers. As Amazon Logistics continues to grow and build new enterprises, we might see them take on more outside deliveries!

What Companies Does Amazon Use for International Shipping?

Amazon relies on a lot of different companies for special or international shipping. These companies include:

  • ABF Freight
  • Aramex
  • Aramex Australia
  • Asendia
  • Australia Post
  • CEVA Logistics
  • Chilexpress
  • Deprisa
  • Fidelitone
  • Gaash
  • Hanjin
  • i-parcel
  • Israel Post (ILP)
  • Innovel Solutions
  • Kerry eCommerce
  • Landmark Global
  • LaserShip
  • Lonestar Overnight
  • Menlo Worldwide/UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  • Naqel
  • Ninja Van
  • NSD
  • OnTrac
  • Parcel Pool
  • Pasar Express
  • Pilot
  • Pitney Bowes 
  • Servientrega
  • SF Express
  • TForce Final Mile (formerly Dynamex)
  • XPO Logistics

You can check out all of the mail carriers that they work with here.


Amazon uses a lot of different companies and mail carriers to help their customers receive their packages quickly. Often, Amazon uses Amazon Logistics, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These mail carriers are their go-to options across the United States. However, they do use more options when needed.