What Does Multi-Format Mean on Amazon? [Full Guide]

When placing an order on Amazon, it’s important that you read all the details of the item. While Amazon is considered a trusted and reliable e-commerce site, they sell over 12 million products, so you will certainly want to make sure you’re getting the one you want!

There are many items on Amazon that say “multi-format,” so let’s find out exactly what that means, so you purchase what you really want.

What Does Multi-Format Mean on Amazon?

Multi-format on Amazon means that the physical copy of a film comes in multiple formats such as a DVD, Blu-Ray disc, and sometimes even a digital copy. For a video player, multi-format means that it can play both DVD and Blu-Ray.

In this article, we are going to find out exactly what a multi-format movie is on Amazon, as well as how it differs from Blu-Ray, and even what multi-format options Amazon offers. Don’t worry; you are going to be a multi-format expert in just a few minutes.

What Is a Multi-Format Movie on Amazon?

When you see the word multi-format under a movie you might purchase on Amazon, there are essentially two things it can mean:

  • The disc will offer several different formats once you put it in your DVD player.
  • There are several discs in the package that offer various formats.

And if you notice multi-format under a DVD player, it means the appliance can handle playing a variety of DVD formats, including Blu-Ray, standard DVD formatting, and maybe even a digital copy of the film.

A multi-format DVD can ensure you receive the format you want, as well as a few others you might not need. Whereas opting for a multi-format player will ensure most DVDs you purchase in the future will be watchable in your home!

Amazon Multi-Format vs. Blu-Ray

Amazon Multi-Format vs. Blu-Ray

Many consumers get confused when it comes to comparing multi-format DVDs and DVD players to the Blu-Ray options.

Blu-Ray discs were released in 2006, and for a decade, they were certainly promoted to the world as the next best thing in movies. Blu-Ray DVDs can hold more data and longer movies than traditional DVDs; they also offer higher-quality video.

However, because consumers needed a separate Blu-Ray DVD player in addition to their standard DVD players, the format didn’t really take off as much as expected. Today, many people don’t have the older DVD players or Blu-Ray players but instead opt for multi-format DVD players that can handle both format types.

Multi-format DVDs are different from Blu-Ray discs because they are not simply one kind of format but all of the ones you might want to watch! A typical multi-format movie includes a standard DVD, a Blu-Ray disc, and even a digital copy. You can often opt for wide-screen or standard on whichever disc you choose to watch.

Overall, Blu-Ray discs are typically less expensive than multi-format movies; however, you will not get any of the other format options with that purchase.

Will Multi-Format Play in a DVD Player?

The best thing about ordering a multi-format DVD is that if your DVD player only functions with a specific format, the one you need will likely be in the package!

Opting for multi-format makes it easier to purchase DVDs if you do not know what format your DVD player works with.

So yes, at least one option of your multi-format DVD will successfully play in your DVD player, no matter the make or model.

If you are in the market for a new DVD player, opting for a multi-format appliance is the best way to ensure that you never buy a movie you can’t watch at home, as the device can play almost anything.

Are Multi-Format Movies Expensive on Amazon?

Because multi-format movies have several discs or one disc with various format options, they are usually more expensive than standard DVDs or even Blu-ray discs.

However, because Blu-Ray didn’t become quite as popular as the market expected, it’s almost impossible to find Blu-Ray DVDs sold separately.

Essentially, deciding whether or not the increased price tag for a multi-format movie is worth it is up to you, but if you do have a Blu-Ray DVD player or simply don’t know what format your DVD player prefers, multi-format DVDs are probably your best bet.

What Multi-Format Movies Can You Buy on Amazon?

Amazon sells almost every movie under the sun, but not everyone is available in multi-format.

It’s important to note that there are no specific categories of movies on Amazon that are available in multi-format versus standard DVD format; you will have to do a little shopping to find out if a multi-format version of the film you’re looking for is available.

The easiest way to find a movie in multi-format on Amazon is to specifically search the movie title along with “multi-format” in the Amazon search bar. If you’re not sure what movie you’d like to see and just want to get some inspiration, you can simply search multi-format, and Amazon will show you the titles available to be delivered to your home in multi-format.


Multi-format DVDs and DVD players ensure that you are able to watch any kind of disc with your home entertainment setup. A multi-format DVD package usually entails several discs in a variety of formats, including Blu-Ray and digital copies, whereas a multi-format DVD player can show any disc!