What Does Location Restrictions Mean at Walmart?

Are you trying to buy something online at Walmart, only to be met with a message that says your order was canceled and “flagged due to location restrictions on placing and shipping orders”?

What can you do if you find yourself in this situation?

Below, we explain everything.

What Does Location Restrictions Mean at Walmart?

If your online Walmart order has been canceled because of location restrictions, this means that what you are trying to buy cannot be shipped to you, likely because of state or local laws. You may also have this issue if you are purchasing with a gift card.


  • Location restrictions can result in customers not receiving their order because of local or state laws; Walmart cannot ship your order to you.
  • Purchasing certain items online with gift cards could also trigger this restriction.
  • Calling customer support can help you fix this problem and get your order.

There’s quite a lot you should know about this common issue.

Below, we explain why Walmart may consistently flag your order for location restrictions, as well as how to fix this problem!

Why Does Walmart Keep Flagging My Order for Location Restrictions?

If you have experienced that your Walmart order has been canceled due to location restrictions, there may be a few reasons why this has happened to you.

Firstly, this could happen if the item you’re attempting to buy online cannot be shipped to your city or state for whatever reason. This could occur if the item’s manufacturer does not ship to your area.

As a result, there would, unfortunately, be no way you can receive this item — unless you ship it to a completely different area, which would be impossible or too time-consuming to do.

Secondly, this issue could occur if you’re attempting to purchase something online at Walmart with a gift card. Are you trying to purchase a gift card with another gift card? Or maybe a digital game or digital product with a gift card?

This could trigger location restrictions, as this is a way that Walmart tries to stop fraud.

It appears that many customers experience this problem when they use gift cards. So, to stop this issue from occurring, try purchasing the same item with your debit or credit card.

Finally, some customers may face this issue if their account has various payments or shipping addresses. Walmart could cancel the order if things seem amiss, again, to help stop potential fraud. 

How to Bypass Walmart Location Restrictions

Unfortunately, there is no set way to get rid of location restrictions at Walmart. However, if you feel that your order has been canceled for no apparent reason, you should get in contact with Walmart’s customer service.

Calling Walmart’s customer service is the only way to solve this issue.

You can request a manual investigation into your order. Walmart will then survey the issue, and — as long as everything is clear — they can then push the order through, as normal!


Location restrictions when ordering from Walmart’s website result in a canceled order. This can happen if the item you’re attempting to purchase cannot be shipped to where you live.

Sometimes, this is because of state or local laws. Other times, this could be because of the item’s manufacturer and their own laws or policies.

Customers may also trigger this restriction if they are attempting to buy a gift card with another gift card. Purchasing digital items with a gift card could also trigger this restriction and lead to a canceled order.

To fix this problem, customers just need to call Walmart’s customer service team!