Can You Buy Wi-Fi at Walmart? [Full Guide]

Maybe you’re wondering if Walmart sells internet services, internet routers, or prepaid Wi-Fi options.

If so, get excited because we have everything you need to know about buying Wi-Fi at Walmart right here!

Can You Buy Wi-Fi at Walmart?

You can technically buy Wi-Fi at Walmart, but it’s important to understand the options. You can purchase a mobile hotspot device with pre-paid Wi-Fi included, or you can buy a router for your home; however, for this option, you will also need an Internet Service Provider.


  • You can technically buy Wi-Fi at Walmart through a mobile hotspot device with pre-paid Wi-Fi included.
  • You can also buy Wi-Fi routers at Walmart, but you will still need to purchase Wi-Fi services from an ISP (Internet Service Provider.)
  • There are several great options for Wi-Fi devices and routers at Walmart.

In this article, we will go through how buying Wi-Fi from Walmart works, if you can get it without an internet provider, and the best Wi-Fi routers and devices that Walmart offers.

So keep reading; you are going to be an expert at Wi-Fi from Walmart in just a few minutes.

How Does Buying Wi-Fi From Walmart Work?

How Does Buying Wi-Fi From Walmart Work

When it comes to buying Wi-Fi from Walmart, there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, Wi-Fi is technically a data service, which Walmart does not sell, i.e., Walmart is not an internet service provider.

That being said, Walmart sells two types of Wi-Fi devices: Some with built-in Wi-Fi data and some that need a service provider to offer Wi-Fi.

Before choosing which kind of Wi-Fi device you want to purchase from Walmart, you have to understand what you need.

If you already have an internet service provider for your home or office or are planning on getting one, you can purchase routers or Wi-Fi extenders at Walmart.

However, if you want Wi-Fi on the go or without an ISP, you can buy a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device with pre-paid Wi-Fi built in.

Can You Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Provider?

Wi-Fi is getting more and more impressive by the day, and you can now access Wi-Fi almost everywhere in the world, including in public spaces, on airplanes, and even in your car.

In fact, you can have Wi-Fi literally anywhere, without an internet service provider, if you purchase a wireless mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device from Walmart.

Remember that routers and Wi-Fi extenders are different from mobile hotspot devices, and they do need an internet provider in order to function.

Best Wi-Fi Routers at Walmart

Now that you understand exactly how Wi-Fi devices available at Walmart work, let’s talk about the best routers that Walmart offers.

While these are all fantastic routers, you will need an internet service provider subscription for them to function.

Best Wireless Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots at Walmart

If you’re looking to purchase a Wi-Fi device that doesn’t need an internet provider, here are the best wireless mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices from Walmart.

These devices will need to be charged, but they do offer Wi-Fi for your devices anywhere you need it!


You cannot buy Wi-Fi service from Walmart, but you can buy devices that either offer pre-paid mobile Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi routers and extenders that can connect to an internet service provider.

Understanding the difference between these two types of devices is essential as one category (mobile Wi-Fi hotspots) does not require an internet provider, whereas routers and extenders do.

Once you realize what you need, there are a ton of great options in either category that you can purchase at Walmart.