Walmart vs. Meijer [Complete Overview]

When it comes to finding the best — and cheapest! — store to shop at, you may find yourself comparing Walmart to Meijer. Which is better if you’re on a budget? Which store gives you the best variety of products and the best deals?

Below, we explain the main differences between Meijer and Walmart, as well as which store is the cheapest!

Is Meijer Cheaper Than Walmart?

While Meijer and Walmart are both popular supermarkets, Walmart has cheaper item prices than Meijer, on average. However, both stores do offer lower prices than other stores. While you’ll often spend less at Walmart, you may also sometimes find better deals at Meijer from time to time!


  • Walmart has cheaper prices and better deals than Meijer.
  • Meijer is often considered to have higher quality products and better customer service than Walmart.
  • Choosing Meijer versus Walmart can often be based on what each individual customer prefers — and what they want from their shopping experience.

There’s a lot you should know when discussing the similarities and differences between Meijer and Walmart. While Walmart often has the lowest prices, this doesn’t mean that Meijer is expensive.

This also doesn’t mean that customers don’t prefer to shop at Meijer — because many do!

Keep reading to learn more about why some people prefer Walmart over Meijer — and why others prefer Meijer over Walmart!

Walmart vs. Meijer: Comparison of Prices

Across the board, it appears that Walmart prices are cheaper than Meijer prices. Now, this doesn’t mean that Walmart is always cheaper than Meijer.

You may find some prices at Meijer cheaper than at Walmart. But when it comes to regular grocery runs or shopping trips, you’ll spend less at Walmart than you will at Meijer.

This also doesn’t mean that Meijer is expensive. It really isn’t — especially when compared to other stores! Meijer tends to rank high when it comes to cheap alternatives for customers.

But does it rank as high as Walmart? Unfortunately for Meijer fans, no. Walmart is the cheapest place to shop for customers, as they always have the best deals on all their products.

What Makes Meijer Different?

Even though Walmart tends to have better and cheaper prices, many customers still prefer to shop at Meijer. Why is this? What makes Meijer different from other supermarkets?

Meijer is still considered a cheaper store, even though they are slightly more expensive than Walmart. Customers often prefer Meijer because the store tends to have great customer service, a clean and safe atmosphere, and great products.

These supermarkets also have a large variety of products for customers to choose from. The stores themselves seem high-quality — for some customers, so much more than Walmart — which therefore improves the shopping experience.

In this way, Meijer is a bit different from Walmart. If you’re looking for higher-quality products, you might prefer Meijer to Walmart. However, you will end up paying slightly more at Meijer!

Which Is Older: Walmart or Meijer?

Meijer is older than Walmart! The first Meijer was opened in 1934 in Greenville, Michigan. Meijer is considered the first supermarket store. The company pioneered the idea of supermarkets — an idea that would become huge in the 1960s.

Walmart, in comparison, opened its first store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. Much like Meijer, Walmart was a supermarket, a combination of a grocery store and a department store.

While Walmart branched out across the United States to become the biggest supermarket company, Meijer didn’t expand nearly as much. Today, Meijer is mainly only found in the midwest.

As of 2021, Meijer has 248 locations in the United States in only six states: Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Walmart, meanwhile, has a total of 4,742 stores throughout the United States.

Which Is Better: Walmart or Meijer?

When it comes to cheaper prices and deals, Walmart is the clear winner. However, when it comes to higher quality products and a better shopping experience, Meijer is better.

At the end of the day, it really depends on what you’re looking for when you’re shopping — and where you’re located. If you want the cheapest items, go to Walmart.

In comparison, if you want higher quality products and better customer service, customers will always point you in the direction of Meijer!