Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions [Full Guide]

Do you have a Walmart gift card and want to know what it can and can’t do?

Many Walmart customers are asking the same question, and we are here with the answer!

Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions

You can use a Walmart gift card to purchase almost any item in-store or online and at Sam’s Club and some gas stations. But Walmart gift cards also have restrictions, including the fact that they are not reloadable, replaceable without a receipt, and cannot be used to buy gift cards.


  • Walmart gift cards cannot buy other gift cards.
  • You cannot reload a Walmart gift card.
  • You can only use a Walmart gift card at Walmart stores, Walmart online, or at Sam’s Club.

Now, we will step through the 4 major restrictions for Walmart gift cards, so you can understand when you won’t be able to use them.

You will have all the information you need in no time!

1. You Cannot Buy Other Gift Cards

While Walmart states that you can purchase almost every item in-store or online, there is one important restriction to be aware of.

You cannot buy other gift cards with a Walmart gift card.

So, if you don’t love shopping at Walmart but do enjoy one of the other stores they sell gift cards for, you are out of luck.

2. Gift Cards Are Not Reloadable

Another restriction on Walmart gift cards is that they are not reloadable.

That means that whenever the balance runs out from the original purchase value, the card is useless.

However, it is important to note that Walmart does not charge a fee when you purchase a gift card. So buying a new card won’t cost you any more than reloading one would have anyway!

3. Lost or Stolen Gift Cards Cannot Be Replaced Without the Original Receipt

If you get a Walmart gift card, make sure you keep the original receipt.

And here’s why: Walmart will not replace a lost or stolen gift card unless you have the receipt from the original purchase.

Another way to combat this restriction and keep the money on your Walmart gift card safe is to enter the information into your Walmart wallet online.

This way, if you lose the physical card and the receipt, you can keep shopping with it!

4. You Can Only Use Gift Cards at Select Locations

Finally, the last restriction for Walmart gift cards is that you can only use them at certain stores.

You can use a Walmart gift card at Walmart,, and Sam’s Club (if you have a membership.) And at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Murphy’s gas stations.

However, you cannot use a Walmart gift card for Walmart+ subscriptions or any recurring payments.


While Walmart gift cards can be used for a variety of items, there are a few restrictions to be aware of.

You can only use Walmart gift cards at Walmart stores,, Sam’s Club, Murphy’s, or Sam’s Club gas stations.

Walmart gift cards are not reloadable, and you cannot use them to buy other gift cards.

As well, if you lose your Walmart gift card, it cannot be replaced without the original receipt.

Other than these restrictions, you can enjoy using your Walmart gift card for almost every item in the store!