3 Reasons Why Amazon Is Taking So Long to Ship

Previously, we talked about how long it takes Amazon to ship packages after ordering. Now, let’s discuss the most common reasons why Amazon takes so long to ship their packages in 2022!

Why Is Amazon Taking So Long to Ship in 2022?

Amazon orders can take a long time to ship because of items that are in low stock and warehouse logistical problems. Third-party sellers can also sometimes take a long time to ship in order to get the best shipping price, which is a very common situation.

Keep reading to learn the most common reasons why it’s taking Amazon so long to ship your order!

1. Low-Stocked Items

If the item or products that you’re buying are best-selling or are in any way popular, then you could run the risk of purchasing a low-stocked item. This could affect how long it takes your order to be shipped, especially if some warehouses quickly run out of stock!

Normally, you’ll know if an item you’re buying is temporarily out of stock. However, sometimes warehouses will run out of stock after you purchase items. Your order could be then filled by another warehouse. This will naturally prolong this entire process.

Buying best-selling items doesn’t necessarily mean that your delivery time will be delayed. You might not have any issues at all! At most, it might just take a little bit longer for your package to ship — though it will still arrive on or before your estimated delivery date.

2. Warehouse Problems

We all know that Amazon ships out so many orders every single day. The workers in Amazon’s warehouses and at their fulfillment centers are doing their best to meet all of these orders. Sometimes, their manpower is simply not enough.

Other times, logistical problems may put warehouses behind schedule. So many things can happen at the warehouse that could potentially prolong this period of waiting. This is very common.

However, this normally doesn’t keep packages from being shipped out on time, as they eventually will. This period may just feel prolonged, but you’ll likely still receive your Amazon order in the correct timeframe!

3. Third-Party Sellers

While Amazon has its own warehouses and fulfillment centers to help ship packages to customers around the United States and the world, they also work with various sellers to help make its customers happy.

There are different types of sellers. Some sellers choose to buy their products yet house everything at Amazon centers. This allows Amazon to have more products and be in control of the items. They’ll ship the items for the sellers and do all the hard work!

These types of sellers normally don’t have any issues with shipping, as Amazon is the one in charge of it.

But then, there are third-party sellers. Third-party sellers are notoriously known to take forever when it comes to shipping customer orders. This is often for a variety of reasons, though it seems many sellers will wait to ship until they can get discounted shipping prices.

There are quite a lot of third-party sellers on Amazon. Some customers may even buy products from third-party sellers without even realizing it!

Some third-party sellers can choose to have their deliveries fulfilled by Amazon. Others will be in charge of the shipping themselves — and this is where things can take a long time.

Amazon does often warn customers if a seller takes a long time to ship orders. They’ll post a little notification by an item (“This item ships in 1 to 3 weeks”) to give you a heads up!

How Long Should You Wait for Amazon to Ship Before Contacting Amazon Support?

If your order has been waiting to ship for more than a week, it’s likely time to try getting in contact with Amazon Support. They’ll be able to let you know why things are taking so long, or at least let you know when you can expect your package to finally ship.

If you’re ordering from a third-party seller, you can either try contacting the seller directly through Amazon, or you can choose to contact Amazon Support. Many sellers are quickly responsive to any customer questions, so they’ll be able to answer any shipping questions you have!

You should never wait longer than a week to contact Amazon Support or your seller — unless, of course, you bought the item knowing that it would take a long time to ship (as we discussed above). If this is the case, then you should always wait for the timeframe you were given by Amazon. 

If the item still hasn’t shipped past that timeframe given, then you can then get in contact with Amazon Support to learn about your situation.


It can take Amazon a long time to ship packages because of low-stocked items and warehouse logistical problems. Third-party sellers that ship their own orders can also take a long time to actually ship packages, which is one of the most common problems for Amazon customers.