Is Working at Amazon Warehouse Hard? [Full Guide]

There is a prominent rumor floating around that many employees hate working at Amazon. Are the rumors true? Is it really hard working at an Amazon warehouse, which is why so many people hate the job? Keep reading to find out!

Is Working at Amazon Warehouse Hard?

Working at an Amazon warehouse can be physically hard, especially for those who work long shifts. Many people state that the job can be very difficult in different ways, depending on what warehouse you’re at. However, other employees state you can thrive in this environment.

As you can see, different employees state different things. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when working at an Amazon warehouse.

Why Is Working at Amazon Warehouse Hard?

Both present and past employees explain that working at an Amazon warehouse can be incredibly difficult. Warehouse jobs can be difficult because they are physically demanding. You are always on your feet, always working, and always trying to meet your quotas for the day.

Amazon warehouses are also very busy and can sometimes be hectic. When you work in an Amazon warehouse, you are always working. This is not the type of job where you can relax and talk with coworkers in any capacity. You must always be working.

As a result, this can quickly become very difficult, and employees can grow weary over time. Many employees state that you can quickly burn out when you work such a physically difficult job for a long time.

Many employees also don’t like how the warehouses are run. Warehouse managers must ensure that employees work hard to meet the quotas for the day. Therefore, they can be hard on employees — which in turn can make employees stressed and overwhelmed.

Many workers feel that Amazon managers give them impossible tasks and quotas to meet for the day. They don’t believe that anyone can accurately meet this quota, so managers are setting them up to fail.

Some employees state that the warehouses they work at are very strict and harsh on workers as a result. For example, some people state that you will get in trouble if you so much as talk to your coworkers, or ask them for help, when working.

This can create a difficult workplace for many. However, it does appear that not all warehouses are run this way — and Amazon has worked to try to improve working conditions in some areas.

Why Is Amazon Warehouse Also a Good Place to Work?

While many employees state that Amazon warehouses are difficult places to work, others feel that warehouses can also be a good place to work — if you have the right mindset for it.

Some people really thrive in fast-paced environments. So, if you enjoy working in this type of workplace environment, where you’re always working and always working fast, then you could find Amazon warehouses a good place to work.

Amazon does offer really great benefits, such as health care plans, which also makes it a great place to work. While some employees do wish they were paid more for the work that they do, others feel that their hourly wage is better than they could get elsewhere.

Amazon recently ensured that everybody who works for Amazon starts at $15 an hour, at the very least.

Amazon also offers various programs that their employees can enter to better themselves and their careers. For example, if you’d like to learn more about software development, Amazon offers programs and academies employees can enter to learn these skills — even if they have absolutely no experience in this field.

Therefore, whether you enjoy your Amazon job or not really does depend on whether or not you thrive in a fast-paced environment. Some supervisors may be very strict with employees, but employees state that if you don’t let them get to you, you won’t have a major problem.

What Is the Best Job at Amazon Warehouse

Many people differ on what they consider the best job to be at Amazon warehouses. Some employees really love to be pickers during their shifts. Pickers pull merchandise that has been ordered off of shelves and then place them in bins.

Meanwhile, others prefer to be packers. Packers get the items that pickers give them and package everything up.

Then, there are supervisors who help oversee everything.

The best job in Amazon warehouses, therefore, really just depends on what you excel and thrive in — and what you prefer to do.

What Is It Like Working at Amazon Fulfillment Center? (Experiences From Reddit)

As we’ve already mentioned, some employees don’t like working at an Amazon fulfillment center, while others do. You can see this by scrolling through Reddit and learning what past and current employees say about their work experiences.

On average, the one thing that all employees can agree on is the physical difficulties they face throughout work. Working this type of job every week can quickly become very tiring.

Many employees, as a result, state that their feet hurt all the time — even when they’re not working. Some people do feel that their body (and their feet) adjust after about a month of working at the fulfillment centers. But everybody is different in how and when they adjust!

Is Working at Amazon Warehouse Worth It?

Now, let’s discuss if working at Amazon warehouses are actually worth it or not. Is it worth it if you’re just going to hate your job?

If you work really well in a high-paced environment and you like working in this type of way, then getting a job at an Amazon warehouse could be worth it to you. You could really thrive in this type of situation.

If you don’t enjoy a job like this and prefer to have a job that is a little more relaxing, then you might not like working at an Amazon warehouse — and you may find another job that is better for you.

Now, some people feel that the job is worth it because of the hourly wages you could get — and others feel the exact opposite. If you can find another job that pays the same amount or more for an easier workday, then you might feel that the Amazon job is not worth it.

It really just depends on your specific situation and what you would like to do at a job on a day-to-day basis!

Is It Hard Working at Amazon in General?

Other than at an Amazon warehouse, it appears that many people want to work for Amazon in different departments. Whether it be in a corporate, marketing, tech, or delivery position, people are flocking to work for the company.

In general, it appears that working for Amazon can be hard — but it can also be rewarding. Depending on what position you hold and what department you work in, your job could either be very relaxed or very fast-paced.

If you start your new career at Amazon with positivity and a willingness to adapt and learn, you should have no major issues. Just as when you work for other companies, no job is truly perfect. But this doesn’t mean it has to be absolutely terrible!


Some employees state that working at an Amazon warehouse can be very hard, while others state that it’s not as hard as other similar jobs. However, most employees do confirm that it is a physically demanding job, and your body will have to adjust to the labor.