Is Amazon Tracking Accurate in [year]? [Full Guide]

If you enjoy shopping online on Amazon, you may wonder how accurate Amazon tracking is.

You want to know where your package is, know when you will receive it and plan your time around the delivery period. So, is Amazon tracking accurate?

Is Amazon Tracking Accurate?

Amazon tracking is accurate, and many customers report having an easy time keeping track of their goods, thanks to Amazon’s tracking accuracy. Each Amazon order has a tracking option so you can know when your Amazon package will arrive and whether the delivery date or time has changed.

To keep its customers happy, Amazon needs a fool-proof tracking system that helps customers know exactly where their Amazon package is and when it will arrive.

But is Amazon tracking accurate? And can you rely on the information you see there? Keep reading to find out.

Is Amazon Tracking Real-Time?

Amazon provides a tracking map that helps you see and track the status of your Amazon package in real time.

Amazon has greatly invested in developing top-notch customer care and cutting-edge technology that supports accurate and precise tracking. But sometimes, Amazon tracking isn’t always accurate or perfect—just like anything else.

For example, your package may sometimes be closer or farther than estimated on the map, especially when there are many deliveries on that route. Notwithstanding, your package will likely arrive on schedule if delivered by Amazon.

In contrast, goods sold by independent Amazon Marketplace merchants don’t have precise tracking sometimes, especially if they come from another nation or the shipping method isn’t traceable.

How Does Amazon Track Its Packages?

Amazon offers a real-time tracking tool that enables users to monitor their orders reliably. Amazon gives your order an ID and a code. Once your order has completed a significant milestone, Amazon scans this barcode to help you see the order’s current location.

Even though there are millions of products to pick from, and not all have traceable shipping choices, you can easily track most orders on Amazon.

All you need to do is sign into your Amazon account and click “Track Package” to begin tracking. This will work, provided that tracking is offered for your order.

You may see the estimated arrival time at the top of the page, such as “Tomorrow by 4:00 p.m.” You may also see a timeline for tracking packages, with a checkmark next to each finished step.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Update Tracking?

Tracking shipment confirmation updates can take up to 72 hours for changes to appear in the report and metric. Amazon verifies or updates the tracking information immediately after the shipment is turned over to the carrier.

Note that if the tracking information is not updated or validated after the shipment is delivered, the customer will be unable to track the order. There are many reasons why your package may be missing tracking information. Some include:

  • Due to high shipping volume, Amazon is yet to do the first scan for the package. Without this scan, the carrier may not acknowledge the package receipt.
  • There’s a tracking database update delay.
  • Your shipment is not trackable, e.g., Standard International shipments
  • The Amazon Marketplace seller did not provide the tracking information on your order.

Where Exactly Is My Amazon Package?

Sometimes an Amazon package you’re expecting might land at your doorstep when you least expect it.

If you don’t know how to use the Amazon tracking feature to locate your package, you might be unable to tell where your package is and when it will arrive.

But with Amazon Map Tracking, you can get an ETA on the delivery day, the number of stops a driver has to make before they get to your home, how far away the driver is, and the estimated arrival time. This way, you can know where exactly your Amazon package is.

Select “Track Package” from Your Orders or your shipping confirmation email to use this feature. You can see the map when the driver approaches you on the delivery day.

Amazon also helps you track your products and see significant milestones like when you ordered the product when your product shipped when your product is “out for delivery,” and when it will arrive.

Amazon Map Tracking

Amazon Map Tracking enables you to track the status of dispatched packages in real time. Amazon will let you know if you can track your package.

You can also sign up for delivery alerts on the Amazon app, so they let you know when the map is ready to view. A driver may need to go through a different route. If this is the case, the map will remain visible, but the number of stops will not.

To view the map, you must be logged into your account. Amazon will disable map tracking when shipping an order to a private location to safeguard the recipient’s privacy.

The advantage of using the Amazon map tracking feature includes:

  • It helps you to plan to be available when your package is scheduled to be delivered.
  • Managing customer interaction. Giving tracking numbers can help Amazon spend less time responding to shipping-related queries.
  • Costs connected with lost shipments can be considerably decreased through tracking, allowing the driver to find a missing parcel in transit.
  • Tracking helps protect Amazon against “order not received” customer claims.
  • Reduction in order faults. Untracked shipments have an order defect rate of 1.7 times higher than tracked shipments.
  • An improvement in seller ratings. One primary factor that leads customers to write favorable feedback is the ability to track their packages.

What Should I Do if My Amazon Tracking Map Disappeared?

Your Amazon tracking map may disappear when the delivery driver brings the package later than expected. If this happens, you should wait for 48 hours before getting in touch with Amazon support or the Amazon seller.

Which Carrier Should I Choose for Better Tracking on Amazon?

For better tracking on Amazon, use Amazon Integrated Carriers. Using non-integrated carriers can negatively impact your valid tracking rate measurements. You must use a carrier that Amazon supports if you are a foreign seller and have access to one.


Amazon tracking map gives real-time excellent tracking accuracy on millions of Amazon packages. While tracking isn’t available on every order, such as for some orders from the Amazon Marketplace sellers or standard overseas deliveries, you can accurately track most orders on Amazon.