How Long Do Amazon Prime Downloads Last?

Amazon Prime allows you to download streaming movies and videos, which is great for those who might not have a stable internet connection! But when you download for offline use, how long do these videos last? Keep reading to find out the answer!

How Long Do Amazon Prime Downloads Last?

Amazon Prime downloads last 30 days after you download them. Once you press play, you’ll have 48 hours to watch this downloaded video. If you download movies or shows that you purchased, you’ll always have these downloads available and there is no 30-day expiration day.

Below, we explain more about what you can and cannot do when you download from Amazon Prime!

How Long Do You Have to Download From Amazon Prime?

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get full access to all of the many movies and tv shows that are on Amazon Prime Video. While you can easily stream all of this content, sometimes it’s better to download a movie or episode to your phone or device.

When you download this content, you’ll be able to watch a movie or show without a steady internet connection! It’s a great service!

However, streaming content that has been downloaded to your device will not stay downloaded forever. According to Prime Video’s policy, you will have 30 days to watch the movie or episode that you downloaded. Once you press play, you’ll have only 48 hours to watch it.

Once these 30 days or 48 hours are up, your download will be removed. It will no longer be downloaded. However, you’ll still be able to stream the title — if it’s still offered on the streaming service, that is. 

Do Downloads on Amazon Prime Expire?

Yes, downloads on Amazon Prime do expire. When you first download a title, you’ll have 30 days to watch it. Once you press play on the title, you’ll then have 48 hours to watch it fully before the download expires and is removed from your device.

If you have purchased a movie or tv series and download the content to a device, these downloads will never expire. You’ll be able to keep it downloaded for as long as you want!

Only downloads of rented content and downloads of streaming content expire — and they will eventually be removed upon expiration.

How Many Downloads Are You Allowed on Amazon Prime?

Amazon is a bit vague when it comes to admitting just how many downloads you can have. You can download Amazon Prime Video content, and there is a limit. There’s just not a clear one.

Amazon states that “We set a maximum number of titles that can be downloaded at a time across Prime or Prime Video and third-party add-on video subscription titles across all devices associated with your Amazon account, which may vary based on your location and other factors”.

As you can see, they do not clearly say how many titles you can actually download at once. Per past customers, it seems that Amazon will only allow you to download about 10 to 15 titles at once. If you need to download more, you’ll have to delete some of your other downloads.

Of course, this number may be different for every customer, depending on various other factors!

Can You Keep Downloaded Movies From Amazon Prime?

The only way you can keep the downloaded movies from Amazon Prime Video is if you purchase the films. If you have digitally purchased a movie through Prime Video, then you will be able to keep the downloaded movie forever.

You cannot keep any downloaded movies that you obtained through Prime Video’s streaming service. You also cannot keep any rented movies that you download.

As you download the content through the Amazon app — and this is where you watch them — you won’t actually have them stored elsewhere, so you won’t be able to keep them. Amazon will remove them when your timeframe to download them expires.

Where Are Prime Video Downloads Stored on PC

When you download a Prime Video title, you do so using the Amazon app through the Windows Store on your PC. You watch the downloaded material through the app. As you do everything through the app, every download will be associated with the app.

You will not be able to store the device or watch it elsewhere. You need the Amazon app to watch any download you have. Because of all of this, you cannot actually save your downloads to your PC or to another folder.

The downloads will be stored on your drive through the Amazon app section!

Why Does Amazon Say “Amazon Prime Download Limit Exceeded”?

If Amazon is telling you that your Amazon Prime download limit has been exceeded, this means that you currently cannot download any other titles. You have reached your maximum download limit. To download more titles, you will need to remove some of your other downloads.

Can You Prolong Amazon Prime Downloads?

You cannot prolong Amazon Prime downloads. Once the downloads have expired, you can choose to download them again, though. In this way, you can easily prolong them!


When you download a title from Amazon Prime Video, you can keep the title for up to 30 days. Once you press play on the tv episode or movie, then you can watch it for 48 hours before it is removed from your device and from your Amazon downloads section.