How Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments? [Full Explanation]

Amazon’s shipping and delivery services are one of the fastest and most reliable, making it one of the most desirable for online shoppers.

Customers who reside in their homes get prompt deliveries. But how does Amazon deliver packages to customers who live in apartment buildings and complexes? In this article, we’ll cover exactly how Amazon gets access to your apartment door.

Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments?

Amazon delivers packages to apartments. If you stay in an apartment building, Amazon can deliver your package directly to the front of your door, at the complex’s front desk, or in an apartment locker (if the apartment has one). You can select your pick-up preference on the Amazon website.

Apartment complexes have different delivery processes and options. You should ask your landlord for instructions on which delivery method is the safest and most convenient. Read more to see the full explanation of how Amazon delivers to apartments.

How Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments?

Amazon has different delivery options for apartment deliveries on the checkout page. Apartments usually have a set of rules for package delivery. So, it’s usually best to check with your apartment manager before choosing a delivery method.

  • The first delivery option is for the delivery driver to leave your order at your front door regardless of whether or not you are present.
  • The second delivery option is to have your package dropped at a safe spot, like with the manager or the front desk of your apartment.
  • If you have an adult at home, you can have your package delivered to your front door so they can pick it up on your behalf. This is the third alternative.
  • The package can be delivered to your front door and unpacked there by the delivery person. This final option allows for Instant Returns if you change your mind.

Amazon now has a new delivery option for apartment buildings called the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker. This locker offers comprehensive package pickup solutions and oversized compartments that accept 99% of Amazon packages.

If your property manager buys into the Amazon apartment locker, this can be an added advantage to guarantee safe and secure package delivery to your apartment.

Does Amazon Have Access to Apartment Gates?

Does Amazon Have Access to Apartment Gates

If you live in a gated apartment, Amazon has a system called the Amazon Key for Business initiative that allows delivery drivers to access participating buildings through an app.

To take advantage of this, apartment owners or managers must agree to install this key system. Amazon drivers can only unlock the door or gate to the apartment building after Amazon confirms the driver’s ID, GPS location, route, and request time. This is for security purposes.

Can Amazon Put Packages in the Apartment Mailbox?

Amazon cannot put packages in your apartment mailboxes as it is illegal.

Amazon uses several carriers to speed delivery, so the only reason you’d find an Amazon package in your mailbox is if USPS handled the delivery. USPS owns mailboxes in the United States, so they are permitted to use them.

If Amazon SurePost delivers your Amazon package, it can also arrive in your mailbox, and this is because of Amazon SurePost’s partnership with UPS and USPS. Only in these circumstances will your package be discovered in your mailbox.

If your building uses the Amazon Hub Apartment Locker, Amazon can deliver your package to one of the compartments.

Does Amazon Have a Key to Apartments?

Amazon has a key to apartments program that makes it easy for them to deliver packages to many types of buildings. The “key for business” service enables delivery drivers to unlock apartment-building doors with a mobile device.

The packages can then be handed off to the residents or left in a mail room or a doorkeeper in a secure location.

Checks are run on delivery persons, so they can only unlock doors when they have a package to scan. Landlords of apartment buildings can install this system without necessarily informing tenants.

While Amazon does not have a key to each apartment, they have a “key” to the gate so that their drivers can deliver packages easily inside the gate, even when you’re not home.

Does Amazon Leave Packages at the Door?

Amazon can leave your package at your apartment door so that you can pick it up.

You don’t have to be home when they deliver, so you don’t have to worry about being away from your apartment or having to leave the door unlocked.

However, this service is only available in certain areas. You can check on Amazon’s website to see if they deliver to your location—and if they do, what their delivery guidelines are if you want them to leave your package by the door.

If you live in an apartment building or other multi-unit building, be sure your building has a policy regarding packages left at the front door by delivery services. Otherwise, Amazon drivers might be unable to deliver your package this way.

Do You Have to Be Home to Receive Amazon Packages if You Live in an Apartment?

You don’t necessarily have to be home to receive packages if you live in an apartment. Sometimes, however, your presence might be necessary.

For safety purposes, you can instruct Amazon drivers to leave your delivery package at the front desk of your apartment complex or drop it off in front of your door, depending on the peculiarities of your apartment or the delivery option you select.

If you are unavailable at the delivery time, the delivery person may leave your package in front of the door or find somewhere safe. However, this option is not the best, as your package may be exposed to theft.

How Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments in Canada?

If you live in an apartment in Canada, you can get your deliveries from Amazon by updating your delivery preferences on the Amazon website.

Once your delivery address information has been entered, enter your buzzer code in the space designated to give your courier easy access to your building. Be sure to include your phone number to be reached if the delivery person has trouble getting to your building.

You can also use the Canada Post FlexDelivery, which lets you redirect your Amazon package delivery to any of the 6,000+ post office locations you want. You can have the driver deliver your package at the nearest post office to your apartment.


Apartment residents can now receive deliveries from Amazon. Depending on your apartment rules, your amazon package can be delivered to the front of your door, at the front desk of your building complex, or in an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker. Some packages require an adult to be home to receive them.