Does Walmart Honor Wrong Prices? [Official Policy]

Wondering if Walmart honors price mistakes?

This is very common. Many Walmart customers have found themselves in a situation where the price tag differs from the price of the item when they check out.

Keep reading to learn what you can expect Walmart to do in these situations.

Does Walmart Honor Wrong Prices?

Walmart is not legally required to honor wrong prices. Whether or not they do can depend on the employee, store, and specific item. For inexpensive items, Walmart may choose to side with the customer at times and fix the wrong price. However, this doesn’t always happen.


  • Walmart is not legally required to agree with a customer and honor wrong prices.
  • Whether or not Walmart honors wrong prices can vary depending on the employee, local store, and situation.
  • Sometimes, Walmart may choose to side with the customer and offer to fix the wrong price — as long as it’s not an expensive item.

There’s a lot you should know about this situation. So, keep reading!

Does Walmart Have to Honor Price Mistakes In-Store?

Walmart is not legally required to honor price mistakes in-store. Most state and federal laws note that mistakes occur, and a business should not suffer as a result of this price error.

As a result of this, Walmart varies on whether or not they truly honor price mistakes. As every Walmart runs differently, customers have experienced different situations.

Some customers state that Walmart honored their price mistake and gave them the item priced at what they saw advertised.

Other customers experienced the completely opposite scenario. Instead, Walmart did not agree to honor the price mistake at all.

Let’s say you find an expensive item incorrectly price-marked. Walmart will almost never agree to honor the price mistake — unless it’s only a few dollars off.

Big corporations like Walmart can, however, deal with the loss of a few dollars from time to time. As a result of this, many stores will agree to honor price mistakes — as long as it’s not too extreme.

For example, if you found a box of cereal marked at $2 on the shelf, though when you checked out, it was $4, Walmart may agree to honor this price mistake and give you the cereal for $2.

Again, every Walmart and every employee varies on whether they allow this or not. Walmart’s pricing error policy in-store states that they do not need to refund items bought because of a price error. Plus, no law requires them to do so, either.

Does Walmart Price Check Items at Checkout?

What happens if an item is priced wrong and you bring this up while you are checking out?

Occasionally, Walmart employees may do a price check to see if this is the case.

This varies from store to store.

If a Walmart employee agrees to give you the advertised price, then they may do a price override to allow this to occur.

What Should I Do if I Paid Too Much for an Item?

What should you do if you find out you paid too much for an item after you get home and look at your receipt?

Well, this can also vary. Every Walmart may differ on what they decide to do.

Often, you likely won’t get any type of refund, as you’ve already paid for the item. However, if you paid much more than the item’s advertised price in-store, then you may receive some type of refund from Walmart.

But every employee and manager will differ in how they choose to resolve this situation!

Will Walmart Honor Price Mistakes Online?

Walmart’s wrong price policy is the same online as it is in-store. They do not offer refunds of any sort if you’ve realized you paid more for an item, even if the advertising stated a cheaper price.

Of course, if you talk to Walmart’s Customer Service, you may receive some kind of refund. But when it comes to online price mistakes, this does seem to be rare.

Now, extreme circumstances do arise. If you can prove these circumstances, then you may receive a refund.

For example, if you bought an item advertised at a low price, yet you paid much more for it, then you could have a case. But you need to be able to prove it. Sometimes, with online shopping, this can become rather hard.


In conclusion, Walmart does not legally have to honor price mistakes. However, some stores may choose to in order to keep their customers happy.

Every Walmart runs differently, so every employee and manager deals with these types of situations differently. If your item is only a few dollars less than what it is ringing up as you may have no issue — and you may receive the lower price after talking with an employee!