Does Walmart Cash Back Show Up on the Bank Statement?

Don’t want your partner or parents to find out that you got cash back at Walmart?

In this article, we’ll cover how you can get cashback with it showing as a separate transaction on your bank statement.

Does Walmart Cash Back Show Up on the Bank Statement?

Walmart cash back transactions with purchases do not show up separately on most bank statements. Usually, it will simply be added to the total you spent at Walmart. You will see only one transaction: $XX spent at Walmart with the date and time. Some banks specify “Purchase with Cash Back.”


  • Walmart purchases with cash back usually only show up as one purchase without specifying.
  • Receipts from Walmart do show cash back totals.
  • It is not up to the store, but your bank, what the statement shows.

In this article we will answer all your questions about how getting cash back at Walmart shows up on your receipts and bank statements.

So, keep reading! You’re going to be an expert in no time.

Does Walmart Receipts Show Cash Backs?

When you make a purchase at Walmart with a debit card, you have the option to get cash back on the purchase.

However, you should know that the receipt you receive from Walmart will show the cash back total.

A receipt from Walmart if you get cash back will look like this:

  • Debit tend: $25
  • Debit cash back: $20
  • Total Debit Purchase: $45
  • Change Due: $20

Now that you understand what a cash back receipt looks like, there’s still a little more to understand before you’re an expert!

Do Cash Backs at Other Stores Show Up on the Bank Statement?

Walmart isn’t the only store that offers cash back on purchases. Many of its competitors have the same service.

So, you’re probably wondering: Do cash backs at other stores show up on bank statements?

Again, it depends on your specific bank, but usually, cash backs will not show up as separate transactions no matter which store you get them from.

Here are a few of the other stores where cash back won’t show up on your bank statement (unless your bank is different):

  • Target
  • Lowe’s
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sears

Now, let’s find out which banks show cash back on their statements.

Cash Backs May Show in the Transaction Text on the Bank Statement

Some Walmart customers have reported that their bank statement did show they received cash back at Walmart.

According to users on Quora, they did not show up as separate transactions, but “cash back” was specified in the transaction text.

Some banks specifically mention “Purchase at Walmart with $XX Cash Back,” including Wells Fargo and BancFirst.

So while the exact cash back amount will not be shown if you make a purchase, some bank statements will state that cash back was received.

Important point: If you don’t make a purchase but do cash back only, it does show as text on your bank statement. Therefore, you should always buy something when you get cash back and don’t want it to show.


If you get cash back at Walmart, it will most likely not show up on your bank statement.

It’s your bank, not the store where you got the cash back, that decides how the transaction will be presented on your statement.

Some banks only show “Purchase at Walmart: $XX” while others state “Purchase at Walmart $XX with Cash Back.”

However, Walmart receipts will always show the exact cash back amount.