Does Walmart Resize Rings? [Full Guide]

Wondering if Walmart can resize rings on the same day?

Walmart’s jewelry department offers different services to help customers, but many people are often left wondering if they can actually resize rings — and quickly.

Below, we explain what Walmart can and can’t do for you!

Does Walmart Resize Rings?

Walmart does offer services dedicated to resizing rings. However, Walmart doesn’t actually do this service. They will send it off to another jeweler to resize. As a result, this can take anywhere from one week to three weeks. They do not offer same-day resizing. 


  • Walmart’s ring resizing services can take up to three weeks, as they send rings to other jewelers to be resized rather than do it themselves.
  • Expensive rings should be taken to other jewelers for resizing.
  • Walmart only resizes rings bought at Walmart.

There’s a lot you should know about Walmart and how they resize rings.

In this article, we explain it all!

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring at Walmart?

Wondering if Walmart resizes rings for free?

The cost to resize a ring a Walmart can vary, depending on the ring and what you need done. As a result, this service can cost as cheap as $20 to as expensive as $200.

Compared to other jewelers that offer resizing services, Walmart isn’t necessarily cheaper. There are many jewelers with great resizing services that can also charge as little as $20.

How Long Does Walmart Take To Resize Rings?

Walmart can take quite a long time to resize rings. Depending on what day of the week you go, you could be waiting for a week to three weeks to get your resized ring back.

This occurs because Walmart does not actually do the resizing itself. Instead, they send the ring out to another jeweler to do it for them.

In this way, Walmart is a bit like a middleman. This also means that they do not offer same-day resizing services, which can be annoying to many customers — especially when they can go to another jeweler and have this done within half an hour, in some cases.

Is It Safe to Resize Your Ring at Walmart?

Is It Safe to Resize Your Ring at Walmart

It is safe to resize your ring at Walmart. Though Walmart does not resize rings themselves, they do work with trustworthy jewelers who know what they’re doing.

It should be noted that Walmart only resizes rings that were bought at Walmart. They do not normally resize rings that were bought elsewhere, though exceptions may occasionally be made, depending on each individual store and their policies.

While Walmart is safe, you should probably not allow them to resize an expensive ring. As they send the rings off to another jeweler, this means that you won’t have your ring in your possession for up to three weeks.

If you have an expensive ring, you should just go to a jeweler instead. You’ll be able to have your ring back in no time that very same day. You won’t have to worry about losing your ring in the mail or during travel!

As Walmart only resizes rings bought at Walmart, you likely would not have a very expensive ring resized through their service. After all, Walmart rings never reach the high price point of other jewelers or stores!

Do All Walmarts Do Ring Resizing?

All Walmarts that have jewelry departments should offer resizing services. However, every Walmart store runs differently. So, different stores may have different services!

To find out more about what your local Walmart offers, you can give your store a call!

Can Walmart measure your ring size?

Walmart does often have sizing tools to help you find out your ring size. All you have to do is head over to the jewelry department to learn more!


In conclusion, Walmart does resize rings. However, it can take anywhere from one week to three weeks. Walmart sends rings off to another jeweler for resizing, as they don’t actually do this service themselves!