Does Anything Get Sent to the Billing Address on Amazon?

When you’re ordering from Amazon, it’s helpful to understand the difference between your billing address and your shipping address. Are they one and the same? Can they be different addresses? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this topic!

Does Anything Get Sent to the Billing Address on Amazon?

Nothing gets sent to the billing address on Amazon. Your billing address, used during purchases, only acts as a way to prevent credit card fraud and verify that you are using the correct credit cards. Amazon will not send packages or bills to your billing address.

While that answers a lot, we still have a few points to discuss, which we do below!

What Is the Billing Address Used for on Amazon?

The billing address on Amazon is used when you check out as you’re purchasing an order. As you go to enter your credit or debit card information, you will have to put in the billing address. You’ll also have to enter the shipping address — i.e., where you’d like the order to be delivered.

The billing address that you provide to Amazon is only used to help prevent credit card fraud. According to Amazon, your billing address must match the address on your credit card or bank statement.

If it doesn’t, then your purchase could be canceled, as your payment may not be verified. This is why it’s very important to ensure that you’re using the correct billing address when you’re ordering anything from Amazon.

The billing address is only used for this purpose. It is not used for any other reason. You will not receive mail or anything from Amazon at your billing address. You will not receive packages at your billing address.

Obviously, if your billing address is the same as your shipping address, you will receive these types of things. But if it’s not, you should have no worries about this!

Does the Billing Address Matter When Ordering Online?

Yes, the billing address does matter when ordering online. As we mentioned above, this is one of the only (and best) ways to help prevent credit card fraud.

Therefore, if you do not enter the correct billing address when you are ordering from Amazon, then your credit card may not be verified — and your order could be canceled as a result.

To keep this from happening, you should always ensure that you’re entering the correct billing address whenever you’re ordering anything on Amazon.

Can the Billing Address Be Different From the Shipping Address?

Yes, the billing address can be different from the shipping address! For some people, this can be quite common.

Your billing address is your permanent residence — wherever you get your bills sent to, etc. Your shipping address is wherever you’d like your order to be sent.

While these two addresses can be two different places, they can also be the same. It’s okay if your billing address and shipping address are the same, just as it’s okay if they’re different.

Should I Correct It if My Billing Address Is Wrong?

If your billing address is wrong, then you should work to change this immediately. You should always try to ensure that your billing address is always correct. Luckily, you can easily change your billing address when you go to check out and place your order on Amazon.

As we’ve mentioned above, it’s vitally important that your billing address is always correct when you’re ordering on Amazon. Therefore, you’re going to want to change this immediately if your address is wrong.

If you do not change your wrong billing address, then your order could be canceled, as Amazon may not have been able to verify your payment.

How to Change Your Billing Address on Amazon

You can change your billing address on Amazon by adding or deleting your addresses on your Amazon account. There are also other ways to change your billing address. The best ways are by:

  • Going to “Your Addresses” and adding a new billing address
  • Waiting until you order and then changing your billing address before checking out

These are the two best ways to change your billing address on Amazon. Either way works. Just make sure you actually change it!

Will My Billing Address Show an Order Shipped to Someone Else?

This may depend on whether you purchase your order from Amazon or from a seller. It seems that different companies and sellers that sell through Amazon have different practices.

On average, you normally wouldn’t see your billing address in an order shipped to someone else. However, if you’re worried that this may happen, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it doesn’t.

To really keep this from happening, send your package as a gift. This will keep most, if not all, of your information private from the person who eventually receives your package. In this case, it’s the best way to go!


Amazon does not send anything to the billing address that you enter when ordering. Billing addresses are used to help prevent credit card fraud, and they are also used to verify your payment. A wrong billing address could potentially lead to a canceled order.