Can You Use Coupons at Walmart Self-Checkout?

If you have coupons for items at Walmart, can you use them at self-checkout?

Or do you have to go in line with a cashier?

The answers are below!

Can You Use Coupons at Walmart Self-Checkout?

You can use coupons at Walmart self-checkout checkout. To use your coupons at Walmart, simply scan the coupons just as you would the items you’re buying. There is also a slot you can deposit the used coupons in, down near the cash deposit section.


  • Customers can use coupons at Walmart’s self-checkout aisle.
  • Coupons can be scanned just as the merchandise is.
  • If you have any issues using coupons during self-checkout, you can ask an employee and they can manually type the coupon in for you.

Keep reading for tips on what to expect when using coupons in the self-checkout line at Walmart!

How to Use Coupons at Walmart Self-Checkout

If you have coupons to use at Walmart, you can use them at the self-checkout aisle! You do not need to go into a checkout line with a cashier.

Just scan the coupons regularly, just as you scanned all your items. The coupon should immediately show up and discount the items that you previously scanned.

You can then deposit your used coupons below, as there is a slot near the cash deposit section of the machine!

What Should I Do if Walmart Self-Checkout Won’t Take My Coupons?

Having trouble adding your coupons to your order while in the self-checkout line? Don’t worry. You can ask for assistance from a Walmart employee. Let them know what’s going on. Show them your coupons.

Walmart employees are trained to successfully put in coupons manually. So, they can do this for you and ensure that your coupons show up and discount your order!

What Coupons Can Be Used at Walmart Self-Checkout?

Many coupons can be used at a Walmart self-checkout line. These coupons include, yet aren’t limited to:

  • Checkout coupons
  • Printable coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons

Basically, any normal coupon that you would use at Walmart, you can use in the self-checkout aisle!

If you have questions, or if the coupon won’t successfully attach to your order while checking out, seek out employee assistance. A Walmart employee may help clarify the situation — and could reveal whether or not you can use the coupon.

However, most regular coupons will successfully work! 


In conclusion, coupons can help you save money when shopping at Walmart. Thankfully, customers can now use coupons while using the self-checkout aisle at Walmart. All you need to do is scan the coupon just as you have already scanned your items!

However, if you experience issues, seek out a Walmart employee for assistance. They can help solve the problem by manually inserting the coupon code!