Can You Leave Your Car at Walmart Overnight in [year]?

Wondering if you can park your car at Walmart overnight?

Because Walmart often allows cars and RVs to park overnight in their parking lot, many people wonder how they may be able to benefit from this.

Below, we explain when Walmart allows you to leave your car or RV overnight — and when they don’t.

Can You Leave Your Car at Walmart Overnight?

Some Walmarts may allow you to park your car or RV in their parking lot overnight. However, some local ordinances may restrict people from being able to do this. If no local ordinance is in place, check with a Walmart manager to see what they allow.


  • If no local ordinance restricts overnight parking at Walmart, check with a manager to see if you can park your car or RV in their parking lot.
  • If you do not talk with a manager, your car could be towed if left in the parking lot for a while.
  • Often, Walmart will only allow you to park your car or RV for one night — not multiple nights.

There’s a lot you should know about this topic. Here, we discuss it all, including why Walmart can allow overnight parking!

Will Walmart Tow My Car if I Leave It Overnight?

Every Walmart store is different in what their overnight parking policy is when it comes to travelers. Often, Walmart doesn’t necessarily welcome people who leave their cars overnight unattended.

If you’re parking at a 24-hour Walmart, you might be able to get around with leaving your car parked there overnight. However, if you leave your car there for longer than 24 hours, Walmart employees will likely see that the car has been left.

They could assume that it was abandoned. This could then lead to them calling a towing service, and your car could end up being towed.

So, if you’re going to park your car at Walmart, you shouldn’t do it for longer than 24 hours to be on the safe side. 

Every store is different on when they notice cars and if they do anything about it. If you park your car at a Walmart that is near tourist attractions — or an area that brings in a lot of traffic — you likely will have your car towed immediately once they realize it’s been parked there awhile.

Regardless of what you do, never leave your car at Walmart in the same area for longer than 24 hours!

Why Does Walmart Allow Overnight Parking?

Walmart mainly allows overnight parking for those who are traveling, often in RVs. Walmart may also allow those who are traveling in their vehicles to sleep in their car, as long as they are parked in a certain area and block out their windows to some degree.

Mainly, as long as you aren’t an annoyance to customers, you should be fine.

However, Walmart doesn’t necessarily allow cars to be left in their parking lot overnight. They do make exceptions and often won’t do anything until more than 24 hours pass.

However, their overnight parking was mainly designed for travelers — not for people looking for free parking.

Can You Spend the Night in a Walmart Parking Lot in an RV?

Yes, you can spend the night in your RV in a Walmart parking lot! First of all, check those local ordinances again for RV/vehicle overnight parking. Ensure that there are no local regulations against this.

Once you have this covered, you should always talk to a Walmart manager. Learn their policy. Buy some snacks or materials from Walmart to show you aren’t being a hindrance.

Managers will be able to tell you where to park and how long you can stay, and then ensure you don’t have any problems (such as potential towing issues). Always talk to a Walmart manager before you spend the night in the parking lot!

On average, you should never spend more than a night in your RV in a Walmart parking lot. Never leave any mess behind, either!

Is Overnight Parking at Walmart Safe?

The safety of overnight parking at Walmart can definitely vary depending on where you’re located. Every Walmart and location is different, after all.

Generally, Walmart parking lots can be safe. Walmart installs security cameras around their parking lot to help deter crime.

But you should always check out the area you’re staying in and local crime levels to get a better sense of what to expect!

Where Can I Leave My Car Overnight for Free?

As Walmart only really allows RV overnight parking in their parking lots, leaving your car behind overnight for free parking can feel a little risky to some people.

Don’t worry. You can park and leave your car at these locations overnight for free:

  • 24/7 casinos
  • 24/7 gyms (such as Planet Fitness)
  • Movie theaters

Remember, you can park at Walmart overnight. But if you leave your car unattended for longer, Walmart could tow your car! If you’re a traveler, meanwhile, you won’t have any issues, normally, if you talk to a Walmart manager.

Similar to Walmart, if your car is left unattended for longer than 24 hours at these locations, you may also have your car towed. So, never leave it for longer than overnight or 24 hours!

How Long Can I Leave My Car at Walmart?

Wondering if you can leave your car at Walmart for a week? You likely can’t — without Walmart towing your car. Even RV drivers know that they shouldn’t overstay their welcome for longer than 24 hours.

Instead, try to limit your parking to less than 24 hours. If you leave your car for longer, Walmart could tow it!


In conclusion, Walmart is very welcoming to RV drivers or travelers in their cars looking for a way to park their vehicles and stay in the parking lot overnight. As long as you talk to the manager and no local ordinances prohibit you, you should have no problem.

If you’re looking to park your car overnight unattended and leave it there, you should also have no problem. However, if you leave it longer than 24 hours, Walmart could tow your car.

Walmart isn’t as welcoming to people leaving their vehicles — at all. But you could get around this, as long as you don’t leave your car for longer than overnight or 24 hours!