Can You Film in Walmart in [year]?

Have you recently recorded a video or taken a picture in Walmart, only for an employee to tell you that you cannot do that?

In this article, we’ll cover why you can’t film inside a Walmart.

Can You Film in Walmart?

You are not allowed to film or take photos in Walmart stores. Walmart has a no-recording policy to protect the privacy of customers and employees. If you break Walmart’s photography policy, you will be asked to leave. Some Walmarts are more strict with this policy than others.


  • Walmart, a private property, has a policy that states customers cannot record a video or take a photo while in the store.
  • Walmart has this policy to protect other customers, as well as employees, and their right to privacy while shopping.
  • Some Walmarts are strict about this policy, while others are much more lenient.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to Walmart’s film and photography policies.

Below, we explain everything clearly.

Can You Film in Walmart if You Use a Smartphone?

Walmart has a strict filming policy that states customers cannot film anything while they are in the store, even if it’s just on their smartphone.

Now, if you have permission from Walmart, then you can film whatever you’d like. It’s when you don’t have permission that you may get in trouble.

Walmart has a policy against filming and taking photos because they want to help their customers and employees have a right to privacy while shopping.

As a result, Walmart employees may ask you to stop recording a video — even if you’re just making a Snapchat video for your friends.

Now, it’s worth noting that some Walmarts are strict about this policy. Other Walmarts are not at all, and they will let you record — as long as you are being discreet and polite about it.

If you are just taking a quick video that mainly focuses on you and your face, Walmart may have no issue with it.

But if you’re videotaping other customers, then you may be stopped and asked to quit or leave.

Again, it really just depends on the store and the managers!

Why Are You Not Allowed to Film in Walmart?

Customers cannot film while in Walmart because Walmart wants to help ensure their other customers, as well as their employees, have a right to their own privacy while shopping.

There could definitely be other reasons why Walmart doesn’t want people filming while shopping, of course. For example, they may not want anyone filming for potential security reasons.

Is It Illegal to Film in Walmart?

It is not illegal to film in Walmart — though it is against Walmart’s store policy. If a manager or employee sees you filming, they may ask you to stop or leave.

Let’s say you do not leave when they tell you to and you resist. Then you could get in trouble with the law for trespassing. So, if you find yourself in this situation, just leave when they ask you to!

What Happens if You Get Caught Filming at Walmart?

If someone catches you filming a video while at Walmart, a manager or employee will likely ask you to either quit filming or leave.

However, some Walmart stores will be more lenient than others. Unless you are outwardly filming, they may not do or say anything to you.

Regardless, you should always be aware of this policy! 

Can Walmart Ban You for Filming in Their Stores?

Walmart’s policy does not account for any filming. If you continue to film even after a manager or employee asks you to stop, then they could just ask you to leave.

If you continue, even after this second situation, then Walmart could ban you from the stores for refusing to either quit filming or leave.

Can You Take Pictures at Walmart?

Walmart’s photography policy also calls for customers not to take photos while in the store. Again, this has to do with Walmart’s desire to allow other customers and their employees to have privacy while they shop.

If you consistently take photos of the store, a manager or employee may ask you to stop. They could also ask you to leave, especially if you continue!


Walmart has a strict policy against recording videos or taking photos while in the store. As they are private property, they have every right to have this policy.

If you film or take a photo, a Walmart employee may ask you to stop. If you do not stop, they may then ask you to leave.

It is not considered illegal to record in a Walmart. However, Walmart can still ban you or kick you out if you do this.

It should also be noted that some Walmarts are more lenient than others. They may not care or notice if you film unless you make a big deal about it.