Amazon Payment Declined but Still Shipped [Solved]

When ordering from Amazon, sometimes odd things can happen. Normally, Amazon is pretty good about ensuring that everything is seamless from start to finish for customers. But this doesn’t always happen…

For example, what do you do if your payment has been declined — but your order still shipped and is on its way to you? Keep reading below to find out what you can do in this situation!

Amazon Payment Declined but Still Shipped

If your payment method was declined but your Amazon order still shipped, this could have been an accident. Likely, you had a gift balance that you used for some of the order, which means that some of it was paid. You can choose to pay for the order still.

There’s a lot you should know if you’ve found yourself in this uncommon situation. Below, we answer all the questions you might have in this situation!

Why Does Amazon Ship an Item if the Payment Was Declined?

Normally, Amazon charges your card when the item ships. You won’t be charged when you make the order, only when the item is in the beginning stages of shipment and will eventually be on its way to you.

Sometimes, problems can arise. Very rarely, you may find yourself in a situation where your payment has been declined… but your item has still been shipped. Normally, if your payment has been declined, your order won’t ship until this is dealt with.

If your order has shipped even though your payment method has been declined, this means there was some type of mistake done on Amazon’s behalf. Your order shouldn’t have shipped.

In this type of situation, it seems that this most often can happen if you’ve paid with a gift card or your Amazon balance for some or half of the order.

Because some of the order was already paid, it might have been okayed to be shipped — even though your other payment method was declined. If you didn’t use your gift card balance at all, then this is just a mistake on Amazon’s behalf.

Will I Receive My Amazon Order if It Has Been Shipped but the Payment Was Declined?

If your payment method was declined but your order still shipped, this could mean that you will receive your order, as it is already in a mail carrier’s hand. Amazon often does seek out packages in this way, mainly because they have no ability to.

This could also just be a logistical issue. It could say that your package has shipped, but it really hasn’t because your payment method has been declined. In a day or two, this could be updated to reflect this.

Therefore, if it’s a logistical issue, you likely won’t receive your order until you update or revise your payment method.

Can I Keep the Item Without Paying?

Some customers may choose to keep the item without paying. After all, it was Amazon’s mistake sending it to you. If you choose to keep the item, just remember that Amazon could remember this, too.

You always want to keep your Amazon account as free from trouble as possible for any future situations that you might find yourself in. For example, Amazon isn’t nearly as understanding with customers who always return items as they are with customers who rarely return items.

So, to stay in good graces with Amazon, and also to do the right thing, it doesn’t hurt to just update your payment method and pay for your order — even if you’ve already received the order.

Plus, you have to think about if you want to return the item at all. You can’t return an item that you haven’t paid for!

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Amazon for the Item?

If you don’t pay Amazon for the item, nothing will likely happen unless it’s an incredibly expensive item. Amazon might get in contact with you then.

As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon could also remember in the future that you’ve received and kept an item that you didn’t pay for. Therefore, it’s always recommended that you update your payment method!

What Does Amazon Do if Your Card Is Declined?

If your card is declined, Amazon will let you know that your payment method didn’t go through. Amazon doesn’t tell you why your payment was declined. To know this, you’ll have to get in contact with your bank.

When your payment method is declined, Amazon will tell you and direct you to update your payment method in order to receive your order. You must do this to finally receive your order (if it didn’t accidentally ship).

How to Update Your Payment Information on Amazon

Has your payment method been declined? Luckily, it’s very easy to update your payment information on Amazon!

To begin, start by:

  1. Going to Your Orders
  2. Find the order that needs a payment revision
  3. Click the “Change Payment Method” button
  4. Revise or add a new payment method and hit confirm

If you believe there’s been a mistake and aren’t sure why your card has been declined, you can always hit the “Retry Payment Method” under the necessary order to see if it goes through the second time!

Keep reading to learn why Amazon keeps declining your payment even though you have money on your credit card.


Normally, your order will not be shipped if your payment method has been declined on Amazon. If your Amazon order has been shipped even though your payment method has been declined, this means Amazon made a mistake, as they shouldn’t have shipped your package.