Will My Amazon Package Still Come if My Account Was Locked?

If your Amazon account has been locked, you may be wondering if your ordered package will still be delivered to you. It’s a common question — and we have the answer below!

Will My Amazon Package Still Come if My Account Was Locked?

If your Amazon account is locked, you may still receive your package if the order was shipped before your account was locked. If your order has not yet shipped and your account is locked, then your order will likely not ship — and you won’t receive it.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about a locked Amazon account!

What Happens if My Amazon Account Is Locked?

If your Amazon account is locked, this means that you will not be able to make any purchases or ship any orders until things are resolved. In many ways, this means that your account is on hold.

Amazon only does this when things seem amiss with your account. They’ll investigate — and if you get in contact with them, this process may move a lot faster.

However, getting locked out of your Amazon account is never fun and can often be quite annoying, especially if you rely on purchasing through Amazon a lot.

When your account becomes locked, this could also affect all the orders you currently have. If your orders have already shipped, then they should be fine. You’ll eventually receive them, as a mail carrier is in possession of them now.

However, if your orders have not yet shipped and are still sitting in an Amazon facility or warehouse, then you likely won’t receive your order. They’ll keep your package until things are resolved.

Once everything is resolved and your Amazon account is no longer locked, you will then be able to receive these delayed packages!

How Long Will My Amazon Account Be Locked?

Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a bit of time until your Amazon account is no longer locked. To get your account unlocked, you’ll have to work to prove that you did nothing wrong. While this isn’t necessarily a difficult task, it can take some time.

On average, as long as you get in contact with Amazon and work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, your Amazon account could stay locked for about one to two weeks.

However, it’s rare to see an Amazon account locked for longer than two weeks. But remember, you have to work with Amazon to see this issue go away quickly!

How Do I Contact Amazon When My Account Is Locked?

If your Amazon account is locked, you can get in contact with Amazon easily. On Amazon’s site, they have a variety of different ways you can chat with Customer Support. Often, this is done over the website through their Live Chat.

You can also email them. Sometimes, when you begin talking with a Customer Service agent in Live Chat, you may have to continue with this conversation over email or phone later on as you work to get your account unlocked.

You might have to provide proof of documents to help clear your account, and this may be done over email as well. In our opinion, chatting with agents over Live Chat or on the phone is always the best way to quickly resolve these issues.

While email does work, it just takes so much longer. If you’re quite busy and don’t have time for a phone call for a Live Chat, then email is still a great option!

Therefore, the best ways to contact Amazon, in order from best to worst, are:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email

Reasons Why Your Amazon Account May Be Locked

There are many reasons why your Amazon account could end up locked. The most common reasons include:

  • Unusual gift card activity
  • Providing false information to Amazon
  • Too many returns
  • Too many orders for a new account
  • Using different IPs in different locations

Let’s dive deep into these. Providing false information to Amazon could end up with your account locked.

For example, if you provide Amazon with a false billing address that doesn’t match your credit card’s billing address, your Amazon account could quickly be put on hold or locked. All other types of false information could also flag Amazon to lock your account.

Unusual gift card activity could also cause Amazon to feel that something is amiss. For example, if you have a lot of gift cards and you’re only using these cards on a new account, this could make Amazon suspicious. You’ll have to call them to get this fixed.

If you are always returning items, Amazon may also flag your account and lock it down. Therefore, you’re going to want to try to limit the number of returns you do.

Ordering too many items immediately after creating a new Amazon account could also get your account locked. Just try to limit yourself in the beginning! The same goes for gift card spending!

Finally, your Amazon account using different IPs and being logged into from various locations could cause Amazon to believe your account has been hacked. They’ll lock it before it gets out of hand.


If your Amazon account has been locked, your package will only be delivered to you if your order was shipped prior to your account locking. If your order has not yet been shipped, then you will likely not receive your package at all.