Amazon Gift Card Not Working [year] [10 Quick Fixes]

Gift cards are convenient substitutes for credit cards when shopping online. With Gift cards, you can give a loved one monetary gifts to buy anything they want.

You can use Amazon gift cards to shop on Amazon. But sometimes, Amazon gift cards may not be working. What should you do?

Why Is My Amazon Gift Card Not Working?

Your Amazon gift card may not work because you have already redeemed it or it has already been used on another account. Also, if you entered an incorrect gift card code or are trying to purchase items you cannot buy on Amazon with gift cards, it won’t work.

There are many reasons you can’t use your Amazon gift card. You may wonder, what do you do if your Amazon gift card doesn’t work? Keep reading to see ten quick fixes for your Amazon gift card issues.

1. You Have Previously Used the Amazon Gift Card

Your Amazon gift card may fail to work if you have used the gift card before. Check your gift card balance to be sure you still have something left.

If you or anyone else have already used your Amazon gift card on your account, you may not be able to use it again. So, check the claim codes you have used on the gift card balance page and compare them to the code you’re trying to enter.

2. You Have Applied Your Gift Card to the Wrong Account.

Amazon will add a gift card claim to the login account you used when you submitted the claim code. So, to redeem a gift card, ensure you’re connected to the correct account.

Remember that once you have used the claim code on any other Amazon account, you cannot transfer the balance of an Amazon gift card from one account to another.

3. Reenter the Code to the Amazon Gift Card Manually

If the Amazon gift card isn’t working as expected, you might want to enter the claim code again because you might have typed it in incorrectly the first time.

Double-check the numbers and characters, then input the code again if necessary. For instance, you might have typed the incorrect digit or put a letter in lowercase rather than uppercase.

If you’re using an e-gift card, it’s best to copy & paste the code to redeem it, as this reduces the probability of error. Also, do not put space before, between, or after the code.

4. Upload Code Using a Mobile Camera

When trying to redeem your Amazon gift card and you can’t use your Amazon gift card, here’s what you can do.

Instead of entering the information manually, you might want to take the gift card picture to see if the balance will load this way.

To do this, go to redeem your gift card, select the “Camera” icon, and take a photo of the gift card with your smartphone. Now upload the photo of your gift card and redeem it.

5. You Tried to Purchase Ineligible Items and Must Use Another Payment Method

Certain products, like collector coins, open-loop prepaid cards, items outside Amazon, etc., are not eligible for purchase with Amazon gift cards. Additionally, you cannot use your Amazon gift card to buy other gift cards—either third-party gift cards or other denominations of Amazon gift cards.

So, if you are having problems using your Amazon gift card, double-check that you are trying to purchase permitted items. Check the Amazon gift card terms and conditions to ensure that your order complies with the requirements and limitations of using a gift card.

6. Contact an Authorized Vendor to Replace Your Gift Card.

Suppose your Amazon gift card is still not working. In that case, you may have to reach the retailer to give you a replacement card. This is necessary if the gift card is illegible and you bought it from an approved seller.

If you wish to get a new card to replace the old one, ensure your receipt can prove your purchase.

7. You May Need to Re-activate Your Gift Card

Most gift cards are activated at the time of purchase, but some require additional activation before use.

For example, in the case of an Amazon gift card not working on Kindle, you may need to redeem your gift card before you can use it. Once your gift card is successfully redeemed, you can automatically use your new balance to pay for downloads.

So, your Amazon Gift Card might not work if it is deactivated and needs to be reactivated. To activate it, call Amazon’s round-the-clock customer service at 1-888-280-4331 or reach them via live chat or email at

If you want to reach Amazon via call, be sure to have your Amazon gift card on you so you can provide the necessary details for the customer service representative to help you (such as the Card Number and PIN).

8. Check to See if You Have Enough Balance on Your Gift Card

Always check your Amazon gift card balance before or after making a purchase or payment. If your gift card balance is less than what you want to purchase, your gift card may not work.

To check your gift card balance on Amazon, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Amazon account.
  2. Type “Gift Card Balance” into the search bar after finding it.
  3. Select “Check Gift Card Balance” to view your gift card balance information.

9. You Cannot Use Gift Cards to Pay for Subscription Products

If you’re trying to use gift cards to pay for subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited, it may not work. This is because Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that renews automatically, and you can also not use it for newspaper or magazine subscriptions.

However, you can use Amazon gift cards to buy any book on the Kindle bookstore. You should select your gift card balance as your preferred payment method to apply your gift card to Kindle purchases.

10. Contact Amazon Customer Service for More Help

If you have tried to redeem your Amazon gift card using all these fixes and it isn’t working, you should contact Amazon for more help. This is because there may be instances where the gift card claim code is invalid or an Amazon server problem.

If it was an electronic gift card and the claim code is unreadable, you’ll need to supply Amazon with the following information:

  • The card’s 16- or 30-digit serial number.
  • Invoice number (if known).
  • Names of the buyer and the beneficiary.
  • The physical or email address of where the gift card was sent


Your Amazon gift card will not work if you entered the code correctly. You must have enough in your balance for the purchase and only pay for a product or service for which Amazon accepts gift card payments. You can also contact Amazon for more help.