Amazon Equal Pay vs. Special Financing (Full Comparison)

If you have an Amazon credit card, you have the option to pay for your Amazon purchase through different payment methods, if you’d like. Equal Pay and Special Financing are both similar — but also drastically different.

Below, we explain what both of these payment methods mean and how they differ from one another!

What Is the Difference Between Amazon Equal Pay and Special Financing?

Amazon Equal Pay allows you to pay for larger purchases over time through set installments, from anywhere from six to 24 months. As long as you pay in the given timeframe, you will not be charged interest. Special Financing, meanwhile, is almost the same thing but without set installments.

This can all get very confusing. We know. Below, we’ve detailed more of what you can expect if you use either of these payment methods when ordering from Amazon!

Amazon Equal Pay vs. Special Financing (Table Comparison)

 Equal PaySpecial Financing
Timeframe to Pay Off6 to 24 months6 to 24 months
Charges Interest If Paid Off?NoNo
Set Installments?YesNo

What Is Amazon Equal Pay?

Let’s specifically discuss Amazon Equal Pay — especially because this can seem very confusing at first glance.

Amazon Equal Pay is a monthly payment service that allows you to pay off large purchases ordered from Amazon over longer periods of time. You must have an Amazon credit card to qualify for this payment method — and you must use your Amazon credit card for the purchase.

Unlike the regular Monthly Payments that Amazon offers, Equal Pay actually charges your credit card for the entire purchase when your order ships. Your set monthly installments will then be a part of your minimum credit card payment each month.

Your credit card will have an “Interest Saving Balance” section that shows what your Equal Pay set installments are. This section will help you stay aware of what you need to pay to ensure that you don’t have to pay any interest.

Equal Pay does not include interest. So, you will only pay the exact amount you checked out for. However, if you do not pay off your entire payment by the given timeframe, then you will be charged interest to pay at the end.

Equal Pay offers a long timeframe to pay off purchases. Depending on the specific Amazon credit card that you have, you could pay off your purchases anywhere from six months to 24 months. Equal Pay also has a $150 minimum purchase.

What Is Amazon Special Financing?

Now, let’s discuss Amazon Special Financing. Special Financing is very similar to Equal Pay — but also very different. It also differs from regular Monthly Payments, mainly in that there is no set monthly installment.

So, when you check out and select that you would like to do Amazon’s Special Financing, you can choose anywhere from a six-month to a 24-month timeframe to pay it off. You will not be charged any interest — unless you do not pay off the payment within the given time period.

Unlike Equal Pay, Amazon Special Financing doesn’t actually give you a monthly installment to pay. You just have to ensure that you pay off your balance before your time is up. So, you can make any payment amount necessary in this time frame, with some months paying more than others.

However, if you do not pay off your balance on time, you will be charged interest for the entirety of the purchase and the timeframe you were given — and this can end up being quite a lot. Therefore, with Special Financing, you really need to stay on top of your payments!  

Does Amazon Equal Pay Affect Credit Score?

Amazon Equal Pay will only affect your credit score if you do not pay off your balance. For example, just signing up for the Equal Pay method will not hurt your credit score.

However, if you do not pay off your balance in the given timeframe and then miss a payment, this will hurt your credit score. This hurts your credit score just as a regular missed credit card payment does!

Therefore, to avoid this from happening, always ensure that you’re paying your monthly installments and payments on time!

What Should I Do if I Chose Amazon Equal Pay but Got Charged the Full Amount?

As we mentioned above, Amazon Equal Pay always charges the full amount to begin with. Then, over the time period you chose, you will pay off the entire purchase through monthly payments on your credit card.

Can You Pay off Amazon Equal Pay Early?

Yes, you can pay off your Amazon Equal pay balance early. For example, if you choose to pay off your entire credit card balance when you go to pay your monthly payment, then you will pay off your Equal Pay balance.

Always ensure that your “Interest Saving Balance” is zero, or that there is no longer any minimum payment there! 

Why Are Amazon Monthly Payments Not Showing Up?

You may be ineligible for any type of Amazon monthly payment service, including Equal Pay, Special Financing, or Amazon’s Monthly Payments. If your account is less than a year old, you will not be eligible to apply for Monthly Payments.

You will also not be eligible to apply for Monthly Payments if you have missed payments in the past. Some payment methods are also available for certain Amazon products and services, as well.

Plus, you can only use some Monthly Payments for orders that are over a certain amount. For Equal Pay and Special Financing, the total order must be over $150!

Amazon Financing Requirements

If you would like to apply for Amazon payment options such as Equal Pay or Special Financing, you will need an Amazon credit card. This is the only way to receive these types of Amazon financing.

To apply for an Amazon credit card, they do run a credit check to see if you qualify. Often, if your credit score is at least over 640, you will be eligible to get one.


Equal Pay offers Amazon credit card users to pay large orders through monthly installments over six to 24-month timeframes, with no interest added. Special Financing allows credit card users to pay over six to 24-month timeframes, with no set installments and no interest added.