Amazon Delivered to Safe Place but Not Delivered

Have you recently received a notification from Amazon saying that your “package was left in a secure location”? What does this mean? And what can you do if you cannot find your package in this “safe place”? Keep reading to find out!

What Does Amazon Delivered to a Safe Place Mean?

Delivery drivers may place your package in a safe place to keep the package safe from theft or weather conditions. A safe place could mean a garage, covered patio or porch, or even with your neighbor. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find where this safe place is.

Below, we explain some common issues Amazon customers have had when attempting to find the safe place delivery drivers have put their packages.

Can Amazon Deliver to a Secure Location?

Can Amazon Deliver to a Secure Location

Delivery drivers will often try to deliver your Amazon packages in the safest way possible. Sometimes, this means giving your package to you themselves. Other times, this may mean leaving your package outside your front door.

This can also occasionally lead to Amazon delivering to what they call a “secure location” or “safe place”. This could mean your delivery driver has left your package somewhere where theft and bad weather will not affect it.

As a result, this could mean your package was left on a covered porch or patio, in your garage, in a hidden area that is easily accessible to you, or even with a neighbor. It varies — and unfortunately, Amazon does not tell you where the package may have been left.

What Should I Do if Amazon Delivered to a Safe Place but It Was Not Delivered?

If you’ve received a notification from Amazon that your package has been delivered to a safe place, yet the package is not outside your front door as it normally is, you should first try looking around your home to see if it was left somewhere new.

As it says your package was left in a safe place, try looking for the package in these areas:

  • Garage
  • Covered patio or porch
  • Around the home’s corner
  • Areas hidden from view from the street
  • With neighbor

If you still haven’t found your package after looking in these areas, you should definitely get in touch with Amazon Support. Let them know what has happened. They will be able to direct you in the right direction and may offer you a refund or another shipment of that exact order.  

Amazon Delivered to Safe Place but Not Delivered – Reddit Experiences

If you’re confused by the “delivered to a safe place” message you’ve received — especially as you cannot find your package anywhere — you’re not alone. Many Amazon customers have taken to Reddit to explain their frustration with this common issue.

Many customers state that they’ve received this same message, went to look for their package, and then could never find it. They then got in contact with Amazon Support — and Amazon immediately began to work on a refund or on a replacement order to send to them.

That seems to be the most common situation found. Many customers also state that a picture is never included in the delivery when it is delivered to a safe place.

Often, when Amazon packages are delivered outside their front door, they will receive a picture of the package outside their door. This is proof that the package was delivered — and they can see this themselves.

However, many state that when a package is delivered to a safe place, no picture is added to the delivery notes. Therefore, there is no way to accurately know where the package was actually delivered. Delivery drivers do not leave any notes to explain where they left it.

Because of this, many customers feel like delivery drivers actually didn’t deliver the package at all. Some even feel as if the phrase “delivered in a safe place” is just a code that they use when they’ve lost a package, yet they don’t want to say this.

Obviously, we’ll never know the real truth about why this happens. But enough people have taken to Reddit to complain about their experiences — and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone who has had a positive experience when their package is delivered to a safe place!

What Does Amazon Do if There Is No Safe Place?

When a delivery driver is attempting to deliver your Amazon package, they will work to deliver it no matter what. Often, this means that they will just leave it outside your front door.

Sometimes, delivery drivers may feel there is no safe way to deliver your package for whatever reason. If this happens, then they’ll try again tomorrow. They’ll try again for three consecutive days. If they still cannot deliver your package, then they will take it to their main carrier hub.

They will then contact you — and you will have to go down to the carrier’s location to pick up the package yourself.

How to Choose a Safe Place for Your Amazon Delivery

If you would like your package to be delivered at a certain spot or in a certain way, then you can always change your Amazon delivery options. So, if you would like to request your package to be delivered to a safe place, then you can always ask.

There are many ways you can choose a safe place for your Amazon package. Start by looking around your home and seeing if there is anywhere where your delivery driver can easily place the package — and where you can easily find it, yet potential thieves cannot.

Keeping your package clear of bad weather is also essential!

There are some people who will actually leave out benches or ottomans that you can open, and they’ll request drivers to put the packages there. Others may leave out what looks like garden hose boxes and ask for Amazon packages to be delivered there, too.


If your Amazon package has been delivered to a safe place, this means that your package could be in a garage, on a covered porch or patio, with a neighbor, or in another safe location on your property. If you cannot find your package, you should contact Amazon Support.