Walmart Target Market [Age, Salary, Demographics]

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers on the planet.

But who shops at its thousands of stores and giant online marketplace?

In this article, we will learn who the average Walmart customer is and who Walmart targets in its marketing.

Walmart Target Market

Walmart’s target market is the average American consumer. The conglomerate wants everyone who loves affordable and convenient shopping to come to buy essential and non-essential products from Walmart. However, Walmart specifically targets working-class customers who need a one-stop shop that will save them money.


  • Walmart has found extreme success by not focusing on one age, gender, or demographic.
  • The average Walmart customer is a middle-aged white woman with a middle-class income.
  • Over 20% of Walmart shoppers are between the ages of 25-34, and 60% are women.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about who Walmart targets.

And who is actually shopping at Walmart!

Who Is the Average Walmart Customer?

While hundreds of millions of people shop at Walmart every year, the average Walmart customer might surprise you!

One study reports that the customer profile of an average Walmart customer is a 59-year-old married white woman with an $80,000 salary.

But, in a broader sense, the average Walmart customer is a suburban white woman aged 46-64.

Through an in-depth data analysis, a study showed that the average Walmart customer visits Walmart more than once a week (an average of 63 times per year.)

And she usually spends about $54 per trip, which takes up 13.5% of her weekly budget.

It also found that she usually purchases groceries, including junk food, meat, pre-packaged food, and snacks for her family.

So, that is the average Walmart customer. But let’s find out if that is who Walmart is actually targeting with its marketing strategies.

What Age Group Does Walmart Target?

Now, it’s important to understand that one of the main reasons why Walmart has done so incredibly well over the years is because they market to everyone.

Well, everyone who loves low-priced items in one convenient location! Which is the majority of the US population.

Technically, Walmart customers range from 18-65. And the average age of the Walmart consumer is 46.

But, the majority of Walmart customers (20%) are between the ages of 25-34.

So, while Walmart targets all age groups and does so quite successfully, the company is currently marketing toward Millennials.

The reason why Walmart targets Millennials aged 25-34 is because they are still choosing their store loyalties.

As well, most Millenials are on a budget! Therefore, they prefer Walmart’s affordable groceries, electronics, and home decor over other retail stores.

Walmart is using advertisements on social media to market to Millenials who spend the majority of their free time on these sites.

What Is the Gender of an Average Walmart Customer?

When it comes to gender, more than 60% of Walmart’s customers are women, which means that less than 40% are men.

Walmart is not alone in this statistic. In fact, women make up 60% of shoppers in almost every retail store in the country.

Therefore, the gender of an average Walmart customer is female.

Once again, Walmart uses this information to its advantage and focuses its marketing on American women, as opposed to men.

What Is the Salary of a Typical Walmart Customer?

Walmart’s marketing strategy is to promote its low-cost necessities and desired items to the entire world.

And while hundreds of millions of people do buy from Walmart from every social class, the average salary might surprise you.

It turns out that the average Walmart customer makes between $80,000 and $100,000 annually.

So, what class of people shops at Walmart? According to collected data, the middle-class shop at Walmart the most.

While low-class and rural families are not the most common Walmart consumers, they are still avid Walmart shoppers.

Consumers who make between $25,000 and $50,000 annually are the second largest percentage of Walmart customers.

Those Americans who make over $100,000 are the least likely to shop at Walmart. In fact, while 40%-50% of Target shoppers make over $100,000 a year, only 30% of Walmart patrons do.

Which Customers Does Walmart Target Geographically?

In addition to targeting Millennial women across the country, Walmart builds its stores in specific geographical locations to best target its audience.

The data analysis shows that Walmart stores are located in high-population, low-income areas.

You are more likely to find a Walmart outside of a metropolitan area, where the average salary is below the national average.

On the other hand, Target stores are often built in metro areas where the average income is middle-class or higher.

While millions of middle-class Americans shop at Walmart, the company is still focused on making its stores available to everyone, including lower-class families in rural areas.

Walmart Target Market Strategy

It’s important to understand that because hundreds of millions of people shop at Walmart, the company’s target market strategy is different from many other retailers.

Instead of focusing on just one consumer, Walmart ensures that it has what everyone wants.

Here are a few of the most important aspects of Walmart’s target market strategy:

  • Low-Cost Products
  • Impressive Customer Service
  • User-Friendly Return Policy
  • Large Variety of Products
  • One-Stop Shopping

While most companies struggle when trying to appeal to the masses, Walmart has figured it out!

Although the company does focus its attention on Millennials, women, and low-income families across the country, the conglomerate continues to market to the entire population at the same time.


Walmart’s target demographic is absolutely everyone.

The giant retailer promotes to the American public that Walmart is for the rich, poor, young, and old. Essentially, anyone who enjoys one-stop shopping with incredibly low prices!

However, studies have shown that there is an average Walmart consumer and is a middle-class married woman in her 50s.

Today, Millennials aged 25-34 make up 20% of Walmart’s customers, and women make up 60%.

And Walmart is certainly marketing towards these groups, all while continuing to target every adult in the United States.