Walmart Loss Prevention Policy [year] [Full Guide]

Do you want to understand how Walmart employees stop shoplifters?

In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about Walmart’s loss prevention policy and how it works.

Walmart Loss Prevention Policy

The Walmart loss prevention policy instates associates who are on the lookout for suspicious activity and possible shoplifters. They ensure no one gets out the doors with stolen goods. Although Walmart loss prevention employees cannot chase or touch you, they can detain you if you get caught.


  • Walmart’s loss prevention policy employs associates to watch customers for suspicious activity and theft.
  • Walmart’s loss prevention team can detain you if they suspect you are shoplifting.
  • The loss prevention team at Walmart cannot legally touch or chase you.

Now, let’s find out exactly how Walmart’s loss prevention policy works.

And what the loss prevention associates can and will do if they notice you trying to shoplift from Walmart.

How Does Loss Prevention at Walmart Work?

First, you must understand that Walmart loses almost $3 billion in products yearly to theft. So, the conglomerate works tirelessly to curtail shoplifting.

The loss prevention policy at Walmart is in place to deter and catch shoplifters. However, there is a lot to understand about how Walmart’s loss prevention actually works.

Walmart hires specific associates to be a part of the loss prevention team. And it is their job to observe the customers by walking around the aisles and watching via security cameras.

Usually, loss prevention associates dress in civilian clothing to avoid attracting attention while watching customers.

So, if they see any suspicious activity or believe someone is trying to steal, they will wait by the doors to confront the culprit as they leave Walmart.

Also, a witness, i.e., a manager or fellow employee, must be present during the confrontation.

Can Walmart Loss Prevention Detain You?

Now, if you do get caught by the Walmart loss prevention team, they can and will detain you.

Then, what happens next depends on what you attempted to steal, whether you are a repeat offender, and if you cooperate with the staff.

Your personal information and photo will be entered into an online database. And if you attempted to steal anything worth more than $25, you could face criminal charges.

Can Walmart Loss Prevention Chase You?

Now, many people want to know if Walmart’s loss prevention staff can chase you if they suspect you have left the store with stolen goods.

But the answer is no; the staff is not allowed to chase you.

So, if you somehow get past Walmart’s doors and off the property, there is nothing more Walmart can do at that moment.

However, the loss prevention associate likely already noticed your face and will be watching you next time to return to that Walmart.

Is Walmart Loss Prevention Allowed to Touch?

Also, it’s essential to know that Walmart loss prevention employees legally cannot touch you.

That being said, if they get close enough to touch you and inform you they need to see what’s in your bag, you must comply.

Because if you don’t, you could be banned from Walmart for a day, a year, or even the rest of your life.

What to Do if Walmart Loss Prevention Falsely Accuses You of Shoplifting?

It’s vital to understand that Walmart stores are private property. And they are within their legal rights to detain you if they suspect you were shoplifting.

Of course, they will just let you go if you are not actually shoplifting. However, you might be wondering what you should do if this occurs.

Realistically, you can contact a lawyer and file a lawsuit against Walmart if you are falsely accused of shoplifting.

However, you probably won’t have a great case because Walmart can legally ask customers to show their receipts and check for possible theft.


Walmart’s loss prevention policy is in place to minimize and stop customers from shoplifting.

The company hires loss prevention associates to watch for suspicious activity. And they will confront and detain anyone they suspect is stealing from Walmart.

While the loss prevention team cannot chase or touch you, they can and will detain you. And, if you are actually shoplifting, Walmart will enter your information into an online database, and you could face criminal charges.