Walmart EBT Return Policy [year] [All You Need to Know]

Do you need to return an item you bought at Walmart with EBT?

Many customers have also found themselves in this position.

Keep reading to find out what you can do!

Walmart EBT Return Policy

Walmart allows returns of items that were bought with EBT. All refunds will return to the EBT card. You will not receive cash or receive a refund on any credit or debit card. Customers must also have their receipt and their physical EBT card upon return.


  • Walmart allows returns of items bought with EBT cards.
  • Your EBT card will receive a full refund of the return.
  • Customers will not receive refunds in cash or put on a different card.

Below, we explain more of what you should know about refunds with EBT!

Is Walmart’s Return Policy the Same for Products Purchased With EBT?

Yes! Let’s say you bought some items with EBT. Now, you realize that you need to return these items.

You must have your receipt and the EBT card you used when purchasing the items. Returns should occur within 90 days of purchase. Walmart’s return policy is the same for products purchased with EBT.

If You Return Something Bought With EBT at Walmart, Do You Then Get Cash Back?

When you return items at Walmart bought with EBT, the refund will return to the EBT card used upon purchase. You will not receive any cash back.

You also will not receive any refund on your debit or credit card. The refund will only go on the EBT card used during the initial transaction or purchase.

You must have the EBT card you used during the initial purchase during the return process. This is the only card that will receive the refund.

Can Walmart Refund to Your EBT Card?

Yes, Walmart can refund to your EBT card! The store can do this very easily and should have no issues doing so.

If you bought something with your EBT card, you can only receive a refund on that same EBT card. You will never receive cash back. You will also never receive the refund on any other card, such as a credit or debit card.


If you bought something from Walmart with your EBT card, you can return the item and easily receive a refund back on that very same EBT card.

In this situation, you will never receive your refund in cash. You will also never receive your refund on any other card. You will only receive it on your EBT card!