3 Reasons Why Your Amazon Order Came in Walmart Bag

Did you just receive your Amazon order in a Walmart bag and wonder if Walmart sells items on Amazon?

There are three reasons why this might have happened.

Most likely, it’s a sign that you’ve overpaid for your purchase. Read on to learn why.

Why Did My Amazon Order Come in a Walmart Bag?

Your Amazon order came in a Walmart bag for one of three reasons: 1) The seller reused a Walmart bag, 2) You purchased from Walmart on Amazon, or 3) The third-party Amazon seller is dropshipping items from Walmart. When sellers dropship, unfortunately, you probably overpaid for the product.


  • Your Amazon order came in a Walmart bag because the seller reused an old one, you ordered a Walmart product, or the item was drop shipped.
  • Dropshipping is allowed on Amazon. But it usually means you overpaid for the item. 
  • Some Walmart items arrive through Amazon’s delivery service.

Do you want to learn why your Amazon order arrived in a Walmart bag? This article is for you!

We will discuss the 3 reasons why Amazon orders arrive in a Walmart bag right now.

1. The Seller Reused the Box

Amazon delivered an item in a Walmart box simply because the seller reused an old box.

There are hundreds of thousands of third-party sellers on Amazon’s online marketplace. These parties can be individuals or small companies using Amazon as a selling platform.

Items from third-party sellers are packaged and shipped outside of Amazon warehouses. It’s highly likely that the seller just used a Walmart box because they had one lying around.

2. You Purchased from Walmart on Amazon

You may be surprised to learn that Walmart sells products on Amazon.com. On the site, you can specifically find Walmart items that Amazon will sell and ship to you.

In this case, the item will arrive in a Walmart box, even though you technically bought it from Amazon.

Although it seems counterproductive for Amazon to sell Walmart products, the conglomerate prides itself on being able to offer its customers everything they could want. And that includes items from Walmart.

3. The Seller is dropshipping Items from Walmart

The only reason receiving an Amazon package in a Walmart box is considered harmful is if the seller drop shipped the item.

So, what is dropshipping? Basically, the third-party Amazon seller never owned the product.

When an order arrives, they buy the item from Walmart’s website and have it sent to your address.

Unfortunately, that usually means you paid too much for your item, and the seller made a tidy profit from the difference in price on Walmart and Amazon.

Technically, Amazon does allow dropshipping. In fact, they have an entire page dedicated to helping third-party sellers understand how it can benefit their business!

However, sellers are supposed to create an agreement with a manufacturer or shipping company to drop ship the items they order.

Although Amazon does allow it, third-party sellers who dropship Walmart items aren’t strictly following the rules.

The negative side effect of dropshipping from Walmart is that consumers overpay for an item they could have ordered from Walmart.com for much less.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you should check to see if a third-party seller is selling the Amazon item you want to order. If it is, check the price on Walmart.com before placing your order.

If it’s significantly cheaper, the seller is likely drop shipping. You should either make the purchase from Walmart.com or keep shopping on Amazon for a less expensive option.

Does Walmart Use Amazon for Shipping?

Walmart will ship items you ordered from Walmart.com to your home; however, the company does not have its own delivery service.

They usually use FedEx, but Walmart also uses Amazon’s delivery network for shipping.

It’s important to understand that if you order from Walmart.com, your order may arrive on an Amazon truck! But that does not mean the item didn’t come initially from a Walmart warehouse.


There are 3 reasons why your Amazon order came in a Walmart bag. The third-party seller reused an old box, you ordered a Walmart item from Amazon, or the item was dropshipped from Walmart.

While dropshipping is allowed on Amazon, sellers dropshipping from Walmart are discouraged as it’s not good for the Amazon consumer.

Walmart uses Amazon for shipping, so you might receive a Walmart.com purchase from an Amazon truck.