If I Cancel Amazon Prime, Do I Get a Refund? ([2022])

Over 200 million people have Amazon Prime subscriptions around the world, and while the majority of these users are quite happy with the benefits the membership offers, of course, there are some who may want to cancel their subscription.

If you are one of these people, you may be wondering: If I cancel Amazon Prime, do I get a refund?

If I Cancel Amazon Prime, Do I Get a Refund?

If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you can receive two types of refunds.  If you pay monthly and did not use any benefit from Amazon Prime since your last payment, you will be refunded the month. If you pay annually, you will receive a prorated refund.

In this article, we are going to find out how to get a refund on Amazon Prime, as well as how long it will take that refund to reach your account, and so much more! Everything you need to know is right here.  

How to Get a Refund on Amazon Prime

One of Amazon’s most important company values is that it wants to be the most consumer-driven company on the planet.

While that’s a pretty lofty goal, the conglomerate seems to be on its way! Amazon offers refunds for almost every item returned, including Prime memberships.

Before we find out how to get a refund on Amazon Prime, you will first need to learn how to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Prime account on your computer browser or on the app.
  2. Click on the Accounts & Lists icon at the top right corner (or in the app, the three lines that signify the menu.)
  3. Navigate to the menu called Manage Prime Membership.
  4. Select the Update, Cancel, and More options.
  5. Click Cancel.
  6. Follow the prompts to cancel your Prime membership.

On the final page of the cancellation process, you will be given two options: To continue using your Prime account until the final day of your payment or to End Now and receive a refund.

Other than clicking the option to end now and receive a refund, there is nothing extra that you need to do in order to initiate the refund. Amazon will return the money to your payment method within three to five business days.

Can You Get Amazon Prime Refunds for Both Monthly and Annual Memberships?

When you first signed up for your Amazon Prime membership, you were asked whether you wanted to pay a monthly rate or only once a year. Amazon gives a slight discount for those members who do choose to pay annually, so it is a popular option for many.

No matter which option you choose, you are in luck because you can get Amazon Prime refunds for both monthly and annual memberships.

If you have a monthly membership, when you sign in to cancel your Prime subscription, Amazon will analyze whether you have used Prime services, including two day-delivery,  Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Fresh, or others, since your last payment. If you haven’t used any services or made any orders, you will be refunded the month’s payment.

However, if you did use Prime since your last monthly payment, you will not receive a refund; your next automatic payment will simply be canceled.

If you have an annual membership, when you select the option End Now when canceling, Amazon will prorate the year’s payment. That means that it will divide the annual fee by the number of days in the year and then refund the amount for the days you did not and will not use Prime.

Will You Get a Full Refund if You Cancel Amazon Prime?

If you purchased an annual Prime subscription and then never used the site or services, you can receive a full refund for your payment.

As well, if you paid the first fee less than three days prior to canceling, you will automatically receive a full refund.

These are the only two ways to get a “full refund,” otherwise, you may be refunded the most recent month or part of your annual payment, depending on when you last used Prime services.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Process Amazon Prime Refunds?

As you now know, you don’t have to do anything extra to initiate a refund for your Amazon Prime. When you select to end your membership immediately, Amazon will automatically release the refund.

Amazon states that it can take three to five business days for a refund to get back to your account. Depending on your bank, it may take another day or two before you can use the funds.

If you do not see your refund within one week of canceling, you should reach out to the Amazon support team to make sure it’s on the way!

Why Do You Get a Refund if You Cancel Amazon Prime?

Amazon seems to really go against the grain when it comes to returns and refunds; instead of making their customers’ experience frustrating and tedious, Amazon works extremely hard to ensure each and every customer doesn’t pay for what they don’t want.

This tactic is not completely altruistic. Amazon has based its business model around customer satisfaction, or in other words, customer retention.

Yes, the company does offer better return and refund policies than almost any other company on earth, including giving refunds for Prime memberships, but the bottom line is that they do this so that customers will continue to use Amazon as their one-stop shopping and service experience.

So why do you get a refund if you cancel Amazon Prime? It’s really simple: to make sure you keep using Amazon!


If you cancel Amazon Prime, you might get a refund depending on your payment plan and when you last used Prime. If you pay monthly, you may be refunded the last month’s payment; if you pay annually, you will likely get a prorated refund from when you last used Prime.