How to Return an Amazon Gift Card [Full Guide]

There’s a lot you should know about Amazon gift cards. For example, what do you do if you’ve bought an Amazon gift card, but now you’re looking to return it? Keep reading to find out!

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Returned in 2022?

Amazon gift cards cannot be returned. Once you buy an Amazon gift card, you will be charged and you will have no way to return them. They are non-refundable items. This includes both e-gift cards and physical Amazon gift cards. You can contact Amazon Support for more information.

Below, we explain more about why Amazon does not offer gift card returns!

Can You Return Amazon E-gift Cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot return Amazon e-gift cards. Even if these e-gift cards have never been redeemed or used, you cannot return them. Once these cards are purchased, they are final sale.

This means that there is absolutely no way to refund the cards. You can always try calling Amazon Support — but they likely will not be able to help you at all.

This is one of those rules that Amazon follows, always. While it might be annoying, they will stick to it.

Can You Return Physical Amazon Gift Cards?

No, you cannot return physical Amazon gift cards. Just as we mentioned above when discussing e-gift cards, Amazon considers these physical gift cards final sale and non-refundable. Therefore, you will never have an opportunity to return them.

How to Return an Amazon Gift Card

Because there is no way to return an Amazon gift card, often you are going to be stuck with this card. You can use it if you’d like. You can also try to find ways to exchange this gift card for cash.

However, Amazon does not offer to exchange Amazon gift cards for cash through their website or services. So, you’ll have to get creative when trying to find a way to allow this to happen!

Learn more about what you can do in our article on how to turn an amazon gift card into cash.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Offer Returns on Amazon Gift Cards?

Let’s discuss Amazon’s gift card policy and better understand why Amazon doesn’t offer returns on any of its gift cards.

First, let’s discuss where you can buy Amazon gift cards. While you can always buy these gift cards online on Amazon, you can also buy them through so many different stores around the nation. You don’t need an account to buy an Amazon gift card.

So, even if Amazon were to offer returns for gift cards, it could quickly become difficult. If the gift card was bought in a store, how could Amazon determine whether the person wanting to return it actually bought it? What if it was stolen? 

Because you can buy Amazon gift cards at so many different locations, it becomes impossible to try to return them through Amazon.

There aren’t a lot of items that are nonrefundable on Amazon. But gift cards are always nonrefundable and you will unfortunately never be able to return them.

So, if you’re thinking of buying an Amazon gift card, you should know this beforehand! Always ensure that any gift cards you buy will actually be used — because once you buy them, you will never be able to be refunded that money!

Can You Get the Money Back for an Amazon Gift Card Sent as a Gift to Someone?

Let’s say you’ve sent an Amazon gift card to someone as a gift. Is there any way you can get this money back and return the gift card?

No. Once you’ve sent this gift card to someone else, it is that person’s card n. It will be hard to in any way prove that it is yours.

Plus, as we’ve mentioned above, you cannot refund any Amazon gift cards — no matter what. Therefore, you will unfortunately not be able to ever get your money back from an Amazon gift card after you have officially paid for it.

This goes for e-gift cards as well as physical ones. This also goes for any gift cards that are completely unused and unredeemed.


Unfortunately, there is no way you can return an Amazon gift card. Amazon does not allow this at all and considers purchases of gift cards to be nonrefundable. This includes physical cards and e-gifts. Even unused and unredeemed cards can never be returned.