How to Contact Amazon HR Services [Phone Number [year]]

Like any other company concerned with its employees’ growth and development, Amazon has a human resources department to help its employees thrive.

Have you been wondering how to talk with the HR department at Amazon? Here’s how to contact Amazon HR services through their phone number.

How to Contact Amazon HR Services

You can contact Amazon HR Services directly by phone at (888) 829 7180 or by email at If you need to contact Amazon HR Services either for an inquiry relating to your employment application or employee engagement, you can also go through the Amazon Employment Resource Center.

You can contact Amazon HR directly or indirectly. Keep reading to find out what number to call, the Amazon HR email address, and when they are available to answer your call during the week.

Amazon HR Phone Number

Amazon HR phone number is (888) 829 7180. You can contact Amazon HR to inquire about job application details when job openings are available. You can also get further information on the status of your application from the organization’s HR department.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you may need to contact HR if you are an employee with Amazon. This could range from issues around employee satisfaction to employee engagement.

HR is also where you may register any issues you have about working with Amazon because they are in charge of examining these circumstances and coming to an agreement where possible.

Amazon is a leading organization with millions of employees in the United States alone. As a leading e-commerce company, Amazon takes its human resources department seriously.

The HR department at Amazon is skilled and has enough experience in solving any queries employees may have. They allow for proper growth, development, and efficiency.

What Are the Opening Hours of Amazon’s Human Resource Department?

The opening hours of the Amazon Human Resource Department are between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., but the best time to call if you’re certain they would be available is between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

While you can send them an email any time, it’s best to contact Amazon’s HR during work hours for a prompt response. If you can’t reach Amazon’s HR, you can reach their customer service @ 18-993-728-066.

The Amazon Employment Resource Center (ERC) offers support to all employees at Amazon. It provides this service to branches in more than 48 countries, spanning 15 languages worldwide.

Amazon has nine employment resource center locations that cater to employees’ queries through emails, chats, or calls around the clock.

Can You Email Amazon HR?

You can send an email to Amazon HR. It is best to email the Amazon HR department about your inquiries or complaints between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on work days and be sure they will get to sort out the issue within 24 hours.

If you need to send an email to Amazon HR, you can send it to

How to Contact Amazon HR for Employees at Amazon Warehouse

If you are an employee at the warehouse, there are several options for you to contact Amazon HR if you need to.

The first option would be to dial the Amazon Employment Resource Number. They generally assist employees with issues relating to their work.

However, it is best advised to contact the Human Resource department directly to resolve the issue if it is a major issue. Here is a step-by-step procedure for contacting Amazon’s Human Resources Department;

  • Compose a detailed email stating what your inquiries are and send it directly to the HR Department through the email address
  • You can reach out to the HR Department through a mutual employee who works at the department within HR working hours.
  • Dial the HR Department’s direct contact within the time frame they would be available to respond to calls.
  • Dial the Employment Resource Center number directly since you are an employee to get connected to a case manager who will sort out your issue immediately.

To send an email to HR, you have to type in your location’s code, then include the general email address you have;

For example, to send an email as an employee at the warehouse located in San Salvador, you’ll type

What Does Amazon Call Their HR Department?

The Amazon HR Department is also referred to as its Employment Resource Center. The ERC team number is 829-7180. The team of Amazon ERC works with the HR team to help employees solve their problems within 24 hours.

Amazon recognizes that a competent HR department offers efficient services. This HR department logs all employee details about work, payout, skills, and other information necessary for the company.

This is why Amazon values the importance of the Human Resources Department or Employment Resource Center for Amazon.

The HR Department also assists in the recruitment process. When Amazon hires you, this department will provide you with all the required advice as you progress on the job.

Does Amazon Outsource HR?

In the past, Amazon outsourced HR, but between 2019 and 2020, they gradually moved in-house and are no longer outsourcing HR. So, Amazon no longer outsources its HR.

Does Amazon HR Have Dedicated Phone Numbers for California and Texas?

Amazon HR does not have dedicated phone numbers for California and Texas; they have just one toll-free number that works for the Amazon HR Department and another that works for the Amazon Employment Resource Center.

Amazon HR Contact Number UK

For a direct lead on how to contact Amazon’s UK HR team, you can directly contact the general dialing number for the Amazon HR Department.


Amazon employees can call Amazon’s HR number @ (888) 829 7180. Amazon’s HR department helps employees deal with whatever work-related problems they might have. Amazon’s HR department works hand in hand with the Employee Resource Center to help employees be the best they can be.