Does Walmart Exchange Propane Tanks? [Full Guide]

Need a new propane tank quickly?

Walmart is your place to go.

Keep reading to learn more about exchanging propane tanks, buying new ones, and whether or not Walmart does refills!

Does Walmart Exchange Propane Tanks?

Walmart does exchange used propane tanks for brand-new ones. They do not offer refills. Often, you’ll get a discount if you exchange a propane tank for another rather than buy a new one. At Walmart, you can get propane tanks for as low as $20.


  • Walmart offers customers the ability to exchange used propane tanks for new ones.
  • You can also buy brand new propane tanks, even if you’re not exchanging one, though it will cost more.
  • Walmart does not refill propane tanks at any of its locations.

Keep reading our guide below to learn more about what to expect when buying propane tanks at Walmart!

How Does Walmart Propane Exchange Work?

If you have an empty propane tank and you’re looking to get a new one, head to Walmart with your tank. Once there:

  1. Notify a Walmart employee at the cash register that you would like to exchange a propane tank
  2. Pay for this
  3. Head outside to where the propane tanks are locked up; another employee will meet you there
  4. Give this employee your old propane tank and they will give you a new one
  5. They may ask to see your receipt

It’s incredibly easy!

Is It Cheaper to Refill or Exchange a Propane Tank at Walmart?

Walmart does not offer propane tank refills at any of its locations. Employees are not trained to do this. Therefore, you cannot get a refill.

However, you can get your propane tank exchanged at Walmart. This will always be much cheaper than buying a new propane tank.

It doesn’t matter how used or seemingly damaged your old propane tank is. Walmart will always accept it and always give you a brand-new propane tank in its place!

Does Walmart Sell Propane Tanks?

Yes, Walmart does sell propane tanks. They have a variety of different options, brands, and sizes. However, the variety of their options will likely differ from store to store.

Some Walmarts may have more, while others will naturally have less.

As a note, you cannot buy propane tanks online at Walmart. Walmart cannot ship these types of items.

However, you can browse what your local Walmart has online. Through the Walmart app or on their website, you can see the different types of propane tanks at your store.

You will have to go to your store to actually buy these products, though!

How Much Is a Propane Tank at Walmart?

Walmart carries a variety of different propane tanks at Walmart. The cost of these tanks will vary depending on size, brand, and other factors.

However, customers can always find low-cost options at Walmart — and this doesn’t differ when you’re buying propane tanks. On average, propane tanks can cost as little as $20, though this can vary depending on location.

Often, exchanging your old propane tank for a new one will save you money. When you do this, you will get a discount. When you buy a new propane tank and do not exchange one for the other, on the other hand, you will be paying much more!

Does Walmart Take Back Empty Propane Tanks?

When you exchange your propane tank, Walmart will take it from you. It doesn’t matter that the tank is empty. They will store it themselves and eventually send it back to propane companies.

It doesn’t appear that Walmart buys back empty propane tanks, though. They will only accept empty tanks if you’re exchanging one for a new one!

But if you’re just looking to get rid of your empty propane tank and receive a new one in its place, Walmart is the place to go!

Can You Return a Full Propane Tank to Walmart?

Walmart’s return policy on propane tanks can seem a little vague. It appears that you cannot return a full, unused propane tank to Walmart. They only accept empty ones — ones that can then be exchanged for new ones.

It appears that only propane companies themselves will readily accept unused propane tanks. Walmart and other stores that sell propane, meanwhile, do not accept such returns.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the propane is unused or full. Walmart will only take it if it’s empty — and only then for an exchange.

This policy likely occurs because customers could tamper with the propane tank. Therefore, Walmart can never fully trust that unused propane tank once it’s returned. So, they don’t allow returns at all for these products as a result.


Walmart allows customers to exchange their empty propane tanks for new ones at a discount. They also allow customers to buy brand new propane tanks, though this costs more than exchanging does.

However, no Walmart offers propane tank refills. They only offer exchanges!