Can You Use a Sam’s Club Membership Card at Walmart?

You know that Sam’s Club and Walmart are the same company. For that reason, it would make perfect sense that you should be able to use your Sam’s Club membership card at Walmart.

But can you?

Can You Use a Sam’s Club Membership Card at Walmart?

You cannot use a Sam’s Club membership card at Walmart. It doesn’t matter if you have the basic or plus Sam’s Club membership; neither option offers any discounts or benefits at Walmart stores or, even though the two stores are owned by the same company.


  • Sam’s Club membership cards cannot be used at Walmart, Walmart online, or Walmart gas stations.
  • The Sam’s Club membership benefits are exclusively for Sam’s Club stores.
  • The company that owns Walmart and Sam’s Club makes much more money by keeping the memberships of the two stores separate.

Want to understand why you can’t use a Sam’s Club membership card at Walmart? Or if you can use a Sam’s Club card for gas at Walmart?

In this article, we will answer all your questions regarding using a Sam’s Club card at Walmart.

Can I Use My Sam’s Club Membership Card for Gas at Walmart?

Walmart has several gas stations all over the country, and many people love using them for the low price tag and their convenient locations.

But if you get your gas at Walmart, unfortunately, you cannot use a Sam’s Club membership card there.

You can only use a Sam’s Club membership card specifically at Sam’s Club gas stations.

Does Sam’s Club Basic or Plus Give Access to Walmart+?

Now, there are two types of Sam’s Club membership options: Basic and plus. And you might be wondering if either of them gives access to Walmart+.

Despite the fact that Walmart+ and Sam’s Club memberships both have many benefits, Sam’s Club basic or plus subscriptions do not give access to Walmart+.

On the other hand, if you have a Walmart+ membership, you will have access to Sam’s Club gas stations. Even if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership card.

Are There Any Benefits at All From Being a Sam’s Club Member When Shopping at Walmart?

First things first, let’s find out what the benefits are of being a Sam’s Club member. Then we can discuss which (if any!) of these benefits can be used at Walmart.

  • You get two membership cards, one for the subscriber and one complimentary card for a family member.
  • Access to Sam’s Club warehouse’s consistently low prices.
  • Scan & go service allows you to scan items and pay using the app. So you can skip the checkout line!
  • Free curbside pickup.
  • Access to the tire and battery center.
  • Save money on fuel at Sam’s Club gas stations.
  • Option to apply for the Sam’s Club Mastercard.

Alright, now which of these benefits can be used at Walmart stores?

You cannot use a single one of these offerings at Walmart stores. Although it is incredibly frustrating, there are absolutely no benefits of a Sam’s Club membership card that can be used at Walmart.

The only “benefit” of sorts is that if you have a Sam’s Club credit card, it can be used at Walmart. However, this really isn’t that exciting as the card can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Why Are There No Benefits From Having a Sam’s Club Membership Card at Walmart?

If Walmart and Sam’s Club are the same company, why are there no benefits from having a Sam’s Club membership at Walmart?

The bottom line: It’s all about profits. The Walmart corporation will simply make more money by refusing to allow Sam’s Club members to get benefits at Walmart.

By separating the two stores, consumers are required to purchase memberships at both in order to receive all the benefits.

The Walmart corporation currently makes $2.2 billion every year in memberships alone at both Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. So you can see why they want to keep that money coming in!


You cannot use Sam’s Club membership card at Walmart for anything.

No discounts, services, or offerings that you get at Sam’s Club with the membership are transferable to Walmart stores or

Although the Walmart Corporation strives to keep its customers satisfied, it would rather make billions of dollars on membership fees from both stores as they are now.