What Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Sell?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are clearly different from Walmart Supercenters. What can you expect if you go shopping at your local Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Will you be able to find all the items you’re looking for?

Below, we answer all your questions!

What Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Sell?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets sell:

  • Grocery and food items
  • Gift and greeting cards
  • Alcohol and beer (depending on location)
  • Cigarettes (depending on location)
  • Diapers and other baby items
  • School supplies
  • Laundry detergent and similar items
  • Bath and hygiene products
  • Cleaning items
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, etc
  • Medications
  • Flowers
  • Stamps
  • Pet supplies


  • Walmart Neighborhood Markets mainly sell food and grocery items.
  • Small varieties of school and office supplies, seasonal items, and household products can also be found.
  • Clothing, shoes, auto, and entertainment items are not sold in Neighborhood Markets.

Let’s dive in and discuss the differences between Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters. You will find different products at both locations!

Below, we explain everything you need to know about Walmart Neighborhood Markets!

What Doesn’t Walmart Neighborhood Market Sell?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets do not sell everything that Walmart Supercenters do, including:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Auto items, such as motor oil
  • Entertainment products (such as TVs, gaming consoles, video games, CDs, etc)
  • Toys
  • Paint

Luckily, Walmart Supercenters do sell the items listed above. So, if your local Neighborhood Walmart does not, you can always check out your closest Supercenter!

This is also not to say that your local Neighborhood Market will never sell some of these items. For example, you may sometimes see seasonal t-shirts for sale around Halloween or Christmas.

You may also see t-shirts from your local college or sports team for sale occasionally. Every now and then, cheap DVDs in large bins or on endcaps could also be found.

But on average, these items will not be seen at Neighborhood Markets. If they are for sale, then they will be a part of some limited-time campaign or sale. This will not be considered normal! 

What Is a Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are much smaller than Walmart Supercenters and tend only to carry grocery and food items. Whatever you’d find at your average local grocery store, you can find it here.

Hygiene and bath products, medications and prescriptions, alcohol and beer, toilet paper and paper towels, laundry detergent and other items, pet supplies, flowers, cleaning items, and baby supplies can all be found at Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets do often have some products that aren’t necessarily “grocery” items. For example, some locations may have a seasonal section where they’ll put out seasonal goods.

Office and school supplies can also be found, though there will be limited variety. At a Walmart Supercenter, you’d be able to find a whole section of office and school supplies. At a Neighborhood Market, you’ll only find a small section of an aisle. 

A small section of an aisle may also offer batteries, charges, or other necessary (yet small) electronic items.

Often, you will only be able to find the essentials at your Neighborhood Market (food, medications, etc). After all, it’s mainly a grocery store that sells food!

What Is the Difference Between Walmart and Walmart Supercenter?

The main difference between Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Supercenters lies in the size of the stores, as well as the products they offer. Neighborhood Markets are only about one-fifth as large as Supercenters.

Neighborhood Markets also are only considered grocery stores. As a result, they do not carry nearly as many products as Supercenters.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets were created for areas close to urban centers. These areas were thought to benefit from a grocery store, rather than a large supermarket. In this way, these stores are marketed as places people can go for essentials, such as food and hygiene products.

Does Walmart Neighborhood Market Have a Pharmacy?

Yes, Walmart Neighborhood Markets do have a pharmacy attached to its store, just as Supercenters do. You can therefore pick up your prescriptions at these locations.

Neighborhood Markets also have a section by their pharmacy where you can pick up over-the-counter medications. While this pharmacy area isn’t nearly as extensive or varied as what you can find at Supercenters, it is often a great resource for those who live in the area!

Is Walmart Neighborhood Market More Expensive Than Walmart?

Sometimes, you might notice that some of the items you buy at your local Neighborhood Market are more than what you’d pay at a Supercenter. Sometimes, you might pay the exact same thing at both locations!

If you’re paying more for your items at your Neighborhood Market, this could be because there isn’t another grocery store located within your area. Walmart can then charge a bit more for these items.

Neighborhood Markets also have less stock than Supercenters. This can, in turn, also result in item prices rising.

It does appear that item prices vary from location to location, which is normal. However, you may find that you’re paying more at Neighborhood Markets than Supercenters, rather than vice versa.

How Many Walmart Neighborhood Markets Are There?

As of 2022, there are currently 799 Walmart Neighborhood Markets in the United States. In comparison, there are also 3,573 Walmart Supercenters in the United States.

You can find your local Neighborhood Market and Supercenter by using Walmart’s store finder here!


Walmart Neighborhood Markets differ from Supercenters in that they only sell grocery and food items. As a result, you will not find clothing, shoes, toys, or entertainment items at any Neighborhood Market.

You will find items such as toilet paper, hygiene products, baby essentials, pet supplies, and more! Anything you would normally find at your average local grocery store you’ll find at a Neighborhood Market!